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Working from home: tips from the Oval team

Smart working is no news for us. Remote work at Oval has been supported and encouraged for some time already, and it has had great benefits on both the organisation and the creativity of our team.

Here is a list of useful tips from the Oval team to help you have the best #officelessmonth! We believe that this time will bring us closer together and help us be even more productive, happier and more committed to our goals when we finally get back in the office.

Start the day on the right track

Morning routines have two goals - on one hand, they signal to your brain that it is work time, not goofing off time; on the other hand, they give you time to gather your thoughts before you plunge into the day’s tasks. Here are some morning routines we recommend:

1.Get dressed. ‘You’re at work, not on holiday’ - in the words of our Community Manager Gilberto.

Getting dressed, even if you are at home, has a proven psychological benefit. So leave that pyjama and get ready for the day!

2. Treat yourself to pleasant activities as part of your morning routine - from our Marketing Manager, Camilla.

Get your brain active in the morning! Your activities should be interesting and rewarding so that you are motivated to get up and do them every day, like learning something new or using your creativity. Do something for yourself before starting the workday.

3. Take the time to map out your day - like our Product Owner Donato

Make a priority list of the goals you want to achieve each day. This will help you organise better your time, as well as commit yourself to achieving your goals.

4. Exercise, even when you really don’t want to - from Claudia, our unstoppable Product Growth Specialist

Exercise increases your productivity. When you sit down at your laptop after exercising, you are already at maximum productivity. A great idea is to walk around your house while you are on conference calls, and save with our Fitness Step!

The importance of having an office space at home

4. Filippo, Operations Manager - "Establish a designated work area"

It's called a "home office" for a reason. Working from your bed may not be a great idea because you might be tempted to doze off or relax,  and it’s also bad for your back! Instead, create a designated work space - it doesn't have to be a whole room, but it does have to be a distraction-free setting that isn't used for any other purposes. Entering your designated "home office" will set a tone of diligence and focus to the rest of your working day.

5. Bimber, Product Design Lead - "Plan your working hours and stick to them"

Be strict with yourself. Set both the start and end of your day at specific hours and stick to them. Working from home can cause your personal life and work life to bleed into each other, so it's important to draw firm lines between the two for your mental health. The end of the work day can sort of melt into evening and then bedtime before you know it. Just because you work and live in the same place doesn’t mean your work needs to be your life, nor that the two need to intermingle in an unhealthy way.

6. Fabio, DevOps - "Take breaks"

Just as it's important to wear clothes like you would in an office, it's vital to take breaks like you would in an office. It's another advantage to having a designated work area in your home; when it's time for a break, you can leave and relax in the kitchen or in the living room for a while. Taking a break clears your mind and gives you a refreshed perspective, so instead of allowing your day to bleed in with your personal time, make a clear distinction between "work time" and "break time."

8. Giada, UX/UI Designer -  "Reward yourself"

When you do a good job, you deserve a reward. Don't hesitate to make yourself a fresh pot of coffee after overcoming a major hurdle, or to take a long break after finishing that burdensome task. Rewarding yourself appropriately throughout the day gives you positive feedback for your accomplishments and keeps things from getting stale.

Keep strong habits in your work routine, and you'll enjoy all the benefits of working from home without sacrificing your productivity or your satisfaction. This is the mantra to repeat to yourself every morning to get over this difficult period - this time can be an opportunity to rediscover your inner self and your skills. Keep in mind that everybody works differently, and it will take some time to find a structure that works for you.

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