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Welcome to Oval 5.0

A new, more complete and advanced app: we present Oval 5.0. Designed to accompany you on the path towards financial well-being, Oval 5.0 has all the tools you need to get financially fit.

We sat down for a chat with our CDO, Edoardo Benedetto, who told us more about the path that led to the new 5.0 experience; the ups, the downs, and all the amazing challenges that were overcome in-between.

Where did the need to re-imagine the app come from?

Oval 4.0 was a set of evolving components and functions that allowed us to grow and develop over time. We were constantly experimenting and discovering along with our users what it was that worked best.

Oval 5.0, however, was created with a view to homogeneous growth. As always, we have listened carefully to our users. We have combined their feedback with the need to create a cohesive system, and as a result have created an excellent product - which will allow us to grow again.

What's new in Oval 5.0?

We have completely redesigned the whole Oval experience in-app. There is a new style which provides a greater consistency between design and UX, as well simplifying the visual structure. How does it look?

We opted for a bottom-oriented design, experimenting with an innovative approach that combines design research with the Oval identity, while remaining focused on the user's ease of navigation. The clean lines underline the essence of our app; a lot of substance, few frills.

Starting with our font, Oval Grotesque, we have chosen to give priority to text and key information, ie. those things that matter most to our users. No frills, we said. Instead, we wanted to focus on a clear, transparent, and minimal style; just like the financial management experience that we aim to provide.

Oval 5.0 is no longer a simple savings app: it has evolved into a more textured and sophisticated tool, which through its variety of new features aims deliver an outstanding experience for both savings and investments. After all, investing for your future is every bit as important as saving money.

What will be the benefits for users? How does it improve the path to financial independence?

The path becomes clearer and more intuitive. We have collected and valued all feedback that we've received and have carefully integrated it into the development of the new app experience.

The separation between savings and investments disappears in favour of a single linear experience, which will evolve with Oval Pay and with all the services that will be available through the app in the coming months. The new design is crucial to this development. It must be able to expertly guide the user through their new Oval experience without causing confusion, whilst also enabling them to use the app on a daily basis as they have always done.

In short, it is a great revolution that may destabilize some users a first - but one which we believe will provide long-term benefits for all.

Tell us about one of the many new features: Oval Coach

Oval Coach is a completely new concept, and is perhaps the biggest innovation in Oval 5.0. It is an experience that comes from the need to give people a simple and effective tool to improve themselves step by step, just like fitness apps do. We are all able to manage our money to some extent, but we hardly ever have a clear strategy - and its even harder to admit that fact to ourselves!

Oval Coach helps you learn in the best way; without haste and without impositions. It accompanies you on your personal saving path as a guide, whilst always leaving you total freedom of choice.

A union of many minds, then. Was it fun to rethink the in-app experience? What were the challenges?

It was a very long job. It started over 9 months ago - a birth, to all intents and purposes! A big challenge, definitely, because we wanted to try and create a coherent experience between the services already present in Oval and the new ones we have designed.

The biggest challenge was to think of the Oval that we would like to become in a few years: an idea that will lead us to make progress without implementing major revolutions that will throw everybody off. We have drawn a line, and hopefully it's the right one!

What was the most entertaining part of the whole process?

For sure the imagining of a new Oval from scratch, designing and shaping a new experience without the constraints of the previous design, and all the while thinking about the initial reaction of our users when they open the new app for the first time!

Above all, it was the process of doing all this together, combining the enthusiasm and ideas of our entire team with those of our users. It was a great collective effort.

Describe Oval 5.0 in one word

Personal, because the experience is, and will always be, more personal.

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