We are crowdfunding! Oval and Seedrs talk about the Oval campaign

For our second crowdfunding campaign we have decided to team up with Seedrs, one of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms. This is because, among other reasons, we wanted to make sure that everyone who supports and believes in Oval has a chance to become involved and share in our future.

We thought you may have a few questions both for us and for Seedrs, so we’ve sat down with our own CEO, Benedetta Arese Lucini and Jeff Kelisky, CEO of Seedrs, to answer a few of them and give you the chance to get to know them a bit better.

What made you decide to run a second crowdfunding campaign?

Benedetta: If you search for the definition of a virtuous circle, you’ll have my answer: people use your product, invest in the company and you, and in return make the project grow and serve them better and better, with new features and innovative services.

Having always reasoned in terms of the Oval community - taking time to listen and build close relationships with Ovalers - for me it’s completely normal that the company accepts, alongside institutional investors, representation by those who use the application every day: equity crowdfunding is, in the end, about this above all else.

Why did you think Seedrs was the best fit for the Oval campaign, and how did you work together to build the campaign?

Benedetta: We decided to work with Seedrs as they are a leading platform for crowdfunding in Europe and they have a very similar mission to ours in terms of democratising the financial markets.

They started from investments in private equity, and we started with public equity but in the end we both believe that the retail investor should have the same access to investment opportunities as high net worth individuals.

We also found a great cohesion on the development of the integration through APIs that was a first in terms of innovation for the industry. Today we have achieved an amazing partnership that allows users of the Oval app to invest directly in Seedrs crowdfunding campaigns starting from our own.

Jeff: Our mission has always been to democratise equity investment into private companies. For us, that means making this asset class accessible to investors of all shapes and sizes in a transparent, straightforward, and cost-efficient way. That way we can offer growing private companies — from seed-stage to pre-IPO — access to a broad base of investors who can provide patient capital and community engagement.

Long term scalable success, we believe, requires the ability to integrate into the fintech ecosystem. This will allow investors access to early-stage investments from anywhere, whether that’s on the Seedrs platform, through their bank account or their favourite fintech app – all in a seamless and trusted customer experience. We’re excited that in partnering with Oval, we have delivered together, the first API enabled in-app investing experience and look forward to further developing the partnership next year.

What great opportunities or benefits do you think this crowdfunding campaign will give your loyal and new investors?

Jeff: One of the important benefits of equity crowdfunding is being able to invest in businesses you believe in, businesses in some cases that you use on a daily basis or businesses that you think are solving a problem that the incumbents are failing to. Oval is giving its users the opportunity to share in their future success and join them on their journey as they mature and seek to improve the fintech ecosystem. We’re delighted that they’ve chosen Seedrs as their funding partner.

How do you see Oval’s place in its market developing over the next 5 years as a result of this campaign?

Benedetta: Oval wants to become a prominent platform for financial wellbeing. We believe that millennials are leading the revolution for banking and they will want to access all solutions in one place. We are positioned to win the market by offering simple financial products with an effective user interface and a consumer centric approach.

Already today we have users that have chosen to use Oval for over 2 years and have seen their savings grow 7% month on month. We intend to grow our user base across southern Europe and will extend our product offerings to include more financial products that fit our user needs.

Jeff: Oval is making impressive inroads in the European fintech ecosystem, offering young people a free and safe place to manage their finances. The recent investment from Eurizon Capital is an example of this. As the fintech market matures over the next few years it will be a very exciting time for Oval and, as a soon-to-be Seedrs Alumni company, we’ll be tracking their progress very closely!

Do you think more companies, established or otherwise, should start using crowdfunding as an investment tool?

Benedetta: I believe crowdfunding is a very powerful tool to connect to your user base in a more direct way. They get to support your growth and if the company does well it is great that they share in the benefits. This is why we have used this tool multiple times and are looking to continue to grow the investor base in this way. This gives us a strong community of supporters that can help the development and growth of the company.

Jeff: Great question! Given a 40% jump in funded campaigns this year, we’re definitely seeing a significant growth in both small and increasingly larger and more established companies looking to equity crowdfunding. They’re using this funding method as a tool not just for capital, but to truly engage their customers as ambassadors in the support of business success and sharing the benefits of that success.

Publicly raising money can be an incredibly powerful customer acquisition tool, sure, but giving your existing customers the chance to invest is a fantastic win-win retention and engagement tool; What better way to ensure your customers stay in contact and remain an advocate of your brand, than have them as a shareholder who can profit from your success.

If this interview has whetted your crowdfunding appetite then be sure to invest in the campaign through our app or on the Seedrs website.

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Investing in startups involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution. This advertisement has been approved as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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