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Sometimes a little more control is what is necessary to achieve your goals…

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It’s been just over a month since our launch and a few days since we recently completed our first tour of cities where we had the opportunity to have a beer and a chat with a group of Ovalers. Thinking about these days, it’s been exciting and rewarding, sometimes even challenging, but we have enjoyed every comment, critique and piece of advice.

Today we are glad to uncover one important change to our app that we hope you will love just as much as we do. It all started with your comments of wanting more control of what expenses you wanted to track and which ones instead you were looking to stop or start saving on. We realized that becoming money wise yes needed an element of automation, but that it was also important to give tools to adapt the app and personalize its use. This would bring a stronger engagement by our users, and thus a more thoughtful journey towards constant saving.

To do this, we spent days on the drawing board, rethinking of the best way to create an easy to use and simply designed solution. We decided to create a structure that flowed from the transaction data, making each transaction the backbone of the app.


Transaction history has become a key element to the app

We have made each transaction editable on four levels:

1. Check and modify the pre-set category our system automatically assigns each transaction to;
2. Create and add specific tags to personally sub-categorise each transaction;
3. Remove saving on a specific transaction, to have more control over how you save, as requested by you, our Community of Ovalers!
4. Remove a specific transaction from your earnings and expenses overview; if you make a large one-off transaction, or don’t want to show a transaction for any reason, now you’ll be able to remove it and have a more accurate analysis

Furthermore, all transactions are not only editable but also viewable in a timeline. Hopefully, more control will bring the better financial planning that Ovalers asked for.

Now make sure the direct debit is on, start getting in control and live your finance management with your own rules!

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