Ovalhoroscope: discover your financial 2021

Will it be a lucky year for your zodiac sign? Or maybe you'll need to recover by recalibrating your Smart Rules in Oval?

Find out with the Financial Ovalhoroscope for 2021!


Your stubbornness will help you stay on track.

But please, don't spam the whole address book asking people to collect money for your birthday in order to stick to your 2021 saving plan. No, not even a bank transfer or a Pay to Pay. If you really want to do it, then, don't yell your best friend about being a cheapskate!


You are usually the ones who only buy what you need.

So, maybe it's time to prepare a list of good reasons to show when your family will point out that that diving suit wasn't such a good buy, even though that documentary about the sea depths impressed you so much that you realised your true nature. In short: next time, set your Goal on something more concrete.


Looking for the best way to become rich in a short time is certainly interesting, and you have a thousand skills to make even the impossible happen.

As long as you remember to save money in real life as well as in your imagination. Luckily, the Reserve Fund allows you to accumulate savings without thinking about it: we know that you often have your head in the clouds.


In 2020, complaining that you're not yet as rich as Warren Buffett didn't get you far.

In the new year, how about start comparing with your friends? It might help you understand how they set up the Smart Rules for saving and investing profitably. You can rest easy, your chats won't be overheard by intelligence or hackers and you won't need to make blood pacts to keep secrets!


The whole zodiac envies your willpower.

But before you reduce yourself, as you did this year, to eating a tin of chickpeas for two days in order not to lose the bet on who would save the most, please note that you can have a financially wealthy year even without going that far! For example, you could set the Facebook Smart Rule: your opinion leader attitude will make you save money with every post.


Your friends turn to you whenever they are tempted to spend too much money, confident that you will be able to get them back on track in no time.

You can dedicate 2021 to finding new friends, after having put your old ones in line... with a little too much conviction. In short, you can avoid seizing the credit cards of newcomers: a couple of tips will be enough. For example, why not invite them in Oval to introduce them to a different way of managing their finances (and treat both of you with a €/£5 bonus)?


Sharing is the key to a successful financial project, we at Oval always say that.

And yes, you love sharing. But seriously, stop calling your friends at odd hours to propose new savings challenges. Sometimes, you just have to suggest they take a tour on Oval Coach. And if someone seems to have changed their telephone number, ask yourself some questions!


Risk doesn't frighten you. On the contrary: usually, the more unknown details there are, the more you throw yourself headlong into adventures.

Well, let's say that even a little less is enough: perhaps, in the year to come, reviewing your investment portfolio in slow motion could be enlightening...as well as choosing to invest to grow new ideals.


Optimism is your trump card and leads you to take on new challenges with the certainty that you'll be able to tackle them.

For a more focused 2021, all you need is a little more perseverance. Put down that book that suggests a thousand ways to save money. Yes, put it down! One challenge a month, for example, is enough: you can find several of them in Oval Coach, but you can also set yourself Goals with ambitious saving targets. Your wallet will say thank you.


The road to financial success is paved with perseverance and determination, and you know it.

However, setting the alarm clock at 5:00 a.m. even on weekends to accumulate savings with Fitness Smart Rule has put a strain on your better half, who has decided to sleep in another room. The stars suggest a review of your methods so that you don't end up rich, but single.


Being a visionary is in your blood.

But before you sign the deposit for that Art Nouveau villa you've had your eye on, better check your bank account: do you still believe to have the money to buy it? No, it doesn't matter if your astrologer has told you that you will be rich in 2021. Start by setting a saving Goal instead: so, the villa of your dreams will eventually become a reality.


Your innate intuition made you invest in that developing sector.

Well, so far you've done more than good. Besides intuition, however, a certain amount of... luck may also have helped. To avoid risks in 2021, you might consider paying more attention to diversifying your portfolio. Don't worry, with the Smart Rules you can always increase the invested amount on a recurring basis.

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