1. Inside Oval

Oval People: 1 year in Oval for Francesco

Francesco's year in numbers:

⚽ 12 penalties saved in futsal
🍷 3 months without alcohol
🏅 10 km on his brand new skateboard
🤓 89.939 lines of code
⚡ Pokemon found: all!

It's been a while since we celebrated an Oval birthday, and now it's Francesco's! We actually recruited Francesco in Berlin over a terrible German coffee. We like to think the lure of great Italian coffee wasn't the only reason he came back to Italy with us :) We're also celebrating a personal record for him, as we're the first company in which Fra has worked for more than a year. What better way to celebrate his one year anniversary than seeing the approaching launch of the investment marketplace, which he developed the front-end for?!

  1. What were your preconceptions of Oval before you started? I was living in Germany and my only preconception was that it was time to come back home, no matter how!
  2. After a year working with us would you say it was everything you expected it to be? I am back and without regrets, so yes, my expectations were met.
  3. If you had your chance again would you take the opportunity to work with Oval? Sure, for the job, but also because I met amazing colleagues!
  4. What's your favourite thing to do outside of work? I have been so busy with work recently that I almost forgot what "outside" means! Jokes apart, I am almost a champion of futsal and I travel 40 km to Asti every time I go and train!
  5. What's your favourite drink to order at the bar? I challenge my friend Polla, who works at Mad, to create me the most delicious drinks she can imagine.
  6. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world where would it be? I would go backpacking in Japan for at least a month. Hopefully, this dream will become reality next year.
  7. What's the one thing you couldn’t live without? The sea and my peculiarly-designed T-shirts.
  8. What's your degree in? IT Engineering (5 years)
  9. What did you do before you started with Oval? I worked in the same role in another start-up in Germany. Then I had too many pfannkuchen and I realised it was time to come back to Italy.
  10. What’s your dream job? It would be to be a developer in Oval, but in the backend :-P
  11. What’s your biggest fear? To lose. At whatever game.
  12. What’s your biggest weakness? Maybe food. And to lose. At whatever game.
  13. What’s your favourite quote/line from a movie? "Hola. Mi nombre es Iñigo Montoya" from La Storia Fantastica (or at least once it was that, now there would be too many!)
  14. What did you want to be growing up? Alberto Angela (famous Italian writer and journalist)
  15. What would you like to be famous for? For this blogpost. It took me so much effort!