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Oval People: 1 year in Oval for Alessandra, Customer Support Specialist

Alessandra's arrival in Oval a year ago marked a new phase in managing our relationship with you, users. With the imminent arrival of Oval Pay, the missions and the migration to Banca 5, we expected the questions to increase exponentially and we wanted to continue giving you 110% of attention.
Therefore the support team needed new arms... or rather new fingers, quick to tap on the keyboard and, above all, new brains ready to store large amounts of information and make it easy and understandable to everyone.

The first new hire in this phase was Alessandra, who was perfect for the role because she combined a nerd/technological side (never heard of Ingress? She has been an assiduous player for some time!) with the patience of a librarian (her previous work) and excellent writing skills!

One year of Alessandra, in numbers:

πŸ’¬ 11,198 conversations with our users
πŸ₯œ 3,500 almonds eaten
πŸ“— 31 books read
πŸš‡ 4,056 metro stations crossed on the path home to work

1.Let's get started right away... can you tell us about one of your most exciting moments in Oval?
One of the most exciting moments for me was the launch of Oval Pay. I was in Oval from a few weeks only, so I had not participated in the great effort of creating this product. I joined the phase immediately before the launch and I felt the enormous passion that the team puts into its work. It was the evidence that I was in the right place 😊

2. In addition to the passion, was there any other aspect of the team that struck you arriving in Oval?
Yes, I immediately noticed the diversity of the team's background, which I think is a great added value!

3. What was the biggest challenge you faced in Oval this year?
To learn a huge amount of information in an environment that never stops and keeps generating information. An interesting challenge!

4. What did you study?
I am a humanist, I studied Literature. Actually, since I didn't start University immediately after high School, I'm still studying, but about to graduate.
Wish me luck, I have 4 exams left! 🍾

5. What do you like to do when outside work (and study)?
I like stories in all their forms, so I'm always with a book, a TV series, a film or even a friend who can tell them well! Studying has an important role because, according to my self-taught nature, I like spending time discovering new things, even not University-related.

6. What was the best present you ever received? And the worst?
In the days when smartphones were not there yet, my dad gave me a navigator with a pedestrian function. Given my poor sense of orientation and the many kilometers traveled on foot, I really appreciated it 😊
I don't remember anything terrible luckily, probably the worst has been a book I had already read.

7. What characterises your desk?
Chewing gums and plenty of candies! They help me focus. I know I should eat less of them, but, together with chocolate, they are my weakness 😬

8. As you already mentioned a weakness, let's move to a work superpower!
I work in contact with the users of our app, so I believe that my strength is empathy, the ability to put myself in their shoes.

9. And which superpower would you like to have outside the office?
I wish I could understand any human, animal or artificial language on Earth.

10. If you could live anywhere, where would you go?
In a small cottage in the Scottish countryside.

11. What would you sing on a karaoke night?
Well... after the right amount of wine... probably "The power of love" by Celine Dion, screaming at the top of your lungs and clashing like a bell (so better do it in the Scottish cottage, than in my current apartment!) πŸ˜…

12. Favorite quote?
Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.) – Walt Whitman

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