Oval is ready to soar again

Oval is back on the runway and ready to take flight again! ✈️

After months of non-stop work, we’re edging closer to completing our integration with ETX Capital. We are ready to start our new strong alliance with a journey driven by the values ​​that have accompanied us since the very beginning.

ETX Capital is a London-based financial services company with over five decades’ experience in the world of investments, while Oval was born just five years ago with the aim of helping people save money and invest easily with healthy financial habits. Of course, we still strongly believe in this mission.

Now, thanks to this greater market expertise and a growing team of over 180 people in Italy, Cyprus and the UK, we have an even more solid foundation to help us realise our goal of becoming a standard of excellence across the UK and wider Europe.

The brands will become one: Oval. It will unite the values ​​of inclusivity and smart, accessible finance with the ETX Capital’s long, storied legacy in financial services.

Merging different skill sets and financial knowledge in this combined brand will open our doors to fresh new ideas. We’re already recruiting new talents across all of our offices – people eager to play a leading role in the fintech revolution.

So, what's going to happen? We are still in a transition phase, but it won't be much longer until we can announce more! However, we can assure you that we’ll soon resume our usual pace of development, with refinements for the app as well as launch of new features on the horizon. These will be specially designed to help you explore the markets in-depth, while retaining our intuitive and friendly Oval-style.

Our goal will always remain the same: to create the best innovative solutions for everyday people looking to kickstart their financial future today.