1. Inside Oval

Oval at home: our workplaces

We have seen the importance of building a workplace at home, which helps us to stay concentrated during the day and create a separation between the workplace and private life.

What setup did our team members choose? Let's go have a look at their desks.

Fabio Todaro - DevOps

Claudia Pravettoni - Product Growth Specialist

Gilberto Galeazzi - Customer Support Specialist

Elisa Campofiorito - Marketing Specialist

Filippo Chiricozzi - Operations Manager

Alessia Pileri - Frontend Developer

Davide Marazita - Product Owner

Simone Marcarino - Product Design Lead

Giuseppe Lumia - Backend Developer

Camilla Pecetto - Marketing Manager

Simo Basso - Backend Developer

Denis Bellotti - Data Analyst & Podcast Man

Andrea Pacino - Frontend Developer

Lavinia Gendusa - Customer Support

Stefano Cuscunà - Frontend Developer

Adeline de Boismenu - People Engagement Manager (and her mini Ovaler at her own desk)

Alessio Occhipinti - Frontend Developer

Francesca Lazzara - Customer Support

Mattia Astorino - Web engineer

Claudio Bedino - COO

Edoardo Benedetto - CDO

Benedetta Arese Lucini - CEO

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