1. Inside Oval

Our new brand identity

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but in case you haven’t then we wanted to tell you ourselves: we’ve had a facelift!

Oval will always be Oval, and we will always offer you the same amazing quality products and customer care. Our core identity, with its three values of awareness, togetherness, and growth, will always remain the same.

However, we decided the time had come to make some carefully considered changes about how we present ourselves to the world. As we enter our third year, we have chosen a new colour palette, a new font, and a logo that reflects a wiser, more mature Oval. Oval's growing up.

Although at heart we will always help people save, invest, and better manage their money, we are evolving; and Oval needs to change in order to give you exactly what you need. As you grow we want Oval to grow with you. That’s why, in the next few months, we will be revealing many new in-app functionalities that will bring your Oval experience to the next level.

What’s changed?

We know that you use Oval at home, on the bus, at your desk, and whilst you're running between meetings with work and drinks with friends. That's why we've updated our look to make it clear and accessible even in the busiest of moments.

Our logo

Our new logo is utterly unique, and has been custom designed to draw upon the historically significant Italian ‘Humanistic’ script that came out of Florence in the 15th century. The Oval Design Team explain it best - "We see it as the natural evolution of the original Oval aesthetic, as this script was originally designed to illuminate and educate - allowing people access to information and knowledge that had previously been obscured - just as we strive to do."

As with everything we do, it is custom designed. We believe in the agency of the individual, and we wanted our new logo to express this conviction.

Our colours

Moreover, it's important to us that you see yourselves reflected in our app. That's why you might notice we've updated our colour palette to represent your brighter financial future. It's positive, it's confident, and it's designed to fit your lifestyle.

We’ve intensified the trademark Oval green, and the new shade of yellow is - as always - Oval unique. We think it really highlights those ‘must see’ details. Yellow, after all, will always be the colour of coins (whether it's pounds or euros!) and helping you save your spare pennies is the foundation of everything we do.  

Our focus is to make you aware about your own financial situation and future goals, and to then work together to make you financially healthy. Finally, we want to be there for you whilst you grow your money using your digital savings account and our investment platform to ensure you’ve set yourself up for the best future possible.

Our font

You might have noticed our font is new too. That’s because we wanted to create something specific to us, and something that reflected the efficient nature of the digital world in which we operate. However, it mattered to us that we kept those playful undertones that Oval is all about.

We are accessible, easy to read, transparent, and infinitely tuned in to your needs. With this in mind we worked with AlfaType to custom design a brand new font: The Oval Grotesk. Just like your savings steps, our new font is 100% unique.

We're all about making engaging and satisfying venture for each individual Ovaler, so it was key to us that our new font captured this perfect blend between the digital and the human aspects of Oval.

So, what happens next? This is just the beginning of exciting new developments at Oval HQ. Get ready to enjoy our shiny new look as we roll out these changes over the next few months, including in-app updates to accompany all our users in managing finances at 360°! 2019 is going to be one to remember!

A special thank you to my superhero Design Team!

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