1. Saving

Money saving advice from a few of the experts

The thing with saving, is that nothing is a secret. It’s the having the information in one easy, accessible, place that makes the difference. We've collected some top tips on how to save money, stay focused, and be brave with your ambitions from different experts in the field (and who better to listen to than the experts?)

Ingvar Kamprad, 90-year-old founder of super company IKEA, knows something about making money, and saving money. He is currently worth US$3.4 billion. In this article what he really attributes his fortune to, is understanding the true value of a krone. Understanding exactly what it takes to earn one, and exactly what it can buy you. The philosophy being, that if you know how hard it is to earn something, you will work harder to save it and make it go as far as you can.

Similarly, Wang Zhidong champions the idea of working hard and doing without in order to reach your goal, whatever that may be. As noted by TIME magazine, in order to save enough money to start his own company he “shut himself away in his tiny apartment” and dedicated himself to his goal. Eventually he would go on to found Sina Corp.; the Chinese telecom company that owns the super app, Weibo. Work hard, save hard, and you empower yourself by creating your own opportunities.

Focusing on a specific goal in the future, looking towards something tangible and choosing to do without in the short term in order to achieve what you truly want in the long term, is a similar theme in the advice given by all these hugely successful individuals. Weili Dai, director and co-founder of Marvell Technology Group, talks about working hard, going without, buying second hand furniture and old computers, in order to make their first company a success. It’s this focus on the long term that breeds good saving and working habits.

Finally, it may be old hat now to quote the ever visible and vocal Richard Branson, but the self made multi-millionaire is vocal for good reason; he has a lot of good advice to pass on. In this interview, from Business Insider, he says; “Be or become an agent of positive change in your own enterprise […]”. Whilst he was speaking about philanthropy in business, and advocating responsible business choices, it can also be extrapolated to saving money and being financially savvy.

Not everyone has their own business, but all of us have our own individual ambitions in life. If you want to make good saving habits and turn around your current spending trends, then become an agent of positive change in your own behaviour. Take responsibility, and take control.