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3 cost effective 5-ingredient hamburger recipes

(Versione in italiano)

The best kinds of hamburgers are the ones that are hand made, full of flavour, and cost effective.


So, here are a few recipes with 5 ingredients or less to make the best burgers on the market!

1. Inside Out Bacon Cheeseburgers

These look amazing. They’re also really flexible. If you don’t have bacon in the fridge then you don’t need to use it – or you can add finely chopped fried onion instead. You can also throw in any cheese you have lying around, melted blue cheese tastes awesome with these.


2. Clean Eating Burger

If you’re all about simple flavours with your burgers then these are the ones for you. Just mince and a bit of seasoning finished off in a sweet potato, mushroom, or eggplant bun. If you’re not carb happy then these are great ways to sandwich your patty, if you don’t care then these burgers also taste great between a good old fashioned toasted bread bun.


3. Veggie Sliders

Ok there are 7 ingredients in this one, and the walnuts are expensive, but the cost is offset against not having to buy any meat.


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