1. Saving

52 financial resolutions to achieve in 52 weeks

The beginning of a new year can be a great time to set yourself some challenges. Maybe you want to focus on one or two long term objectives, or maybe you’re happy to take on different challenges each month, or even week!

These 52 financial goals will give you enough ideas to make sure that 2020 will be your year of financial success!

Finance and Debt

  1. Download a free money app to help you manage your spending
  2. Pay off your overdraft
  3. Pay off your debt
  4. Set up a weekly savings Step
  5. Start investing
  6. Try to not use your credit card
  7. Make and stick to a budget
  8. Create an emergency fund
  9. Read a financial education article every day
  10. Turn your hobby into a side business
  11. Consolidate your debt
  12. Track your spending
  13. Calculate your net worth
  14. Start paying into your retirement fund
  15. Identify your long term goals
  16. Make a list of all your assets
  17. Track you spending with statistics
  18. Save 10% of your monthly income
  19. Ask yourself these 5 questions before each purchase
  20. Have a weekly budget meeting with your partner or family

Home and work

  1. Bring in lunch from home to the office
  2. Turn off the thermostat in rooms you’re not using
  3. Make your coffee instead of buying it
  4. Switch to shop brand foods
  5. Plan your meals for a week and stop food waste
  6. Start cutting coupons
  7. Walk or cycle to work instead of driving
  8. Cancel unused subscriptions
  9. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
  10. Carpool to work
  11. Buy local produce
  12. Cook in bulk and freeze leftovers
  13. Meal prep for the week ahead
  14. Renegotiate utility bill payments
  15. Look for a higher paying job or go for a promotion
  16. Look for a better phone contract

Socialising and Family

  1. Drink more water and save money on fizzy drinks
  2. Do Dry January and save on alcohol for the month
  3. Invite friends over for dinner instead of going out
  4. Utilise Happy Hours
  5. Upcycle instead of throwing away
  6. Visit free attractions
  7. Have date nights at home and cook a romantic meal
  8. Make presents instead of buying them
  9. Have a potluck dinner for your birthday or other celebration
  10. Reuse old clothes instead of buying new ones
  11. Shop in vintage or thrift clothing stores
  12. Spend time with family at home
  13. Sell things you no longer use
  14. Quit smoking
  15. Get fit and reduce medical and pharmaceutical expenses
  16. Cancel your gym membership and start running outside

Have a happy 2020!

Oval Money does not provide financial advice. If you need further information we suggest you look for expert advice.

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