5 life skills that will save you money

Paying someone else to do a job you could have done yourself is the definition of wasting money. If you’re trying to find ways to save a little more and increase your own independence, then make sure you learn these five key life skills that will help you save money on everyday tasks in the future.

1. Sewing

You don’t have to become an independent fashion label, but being able to sew properly will save you money on buying new clothes. In many cases our old clothes don’t need to be replaced, just repaired. So by learning this skill you’ll make your clothes last longer!

Additionally, it allows you the flexibility to buy items on sale or in vintage stores that may not fit quite right, as by being able to do the alterations yourself you don’t have to go to a tailor to do it for you. That’s all money in the bank.

2. Cooking

You may feel you have this skill down already, but a recent survey found that 1 in 4 Brits can only cook three recipes from scratch. You’d be surprised to know how much more you can learn about food if you take the time to educate yourself. See if you can attend a cooking class or do your research online. By learning to cook properly you’ll be saving yourself money on things like last minute takeaways or expensive ready made meals.

Furthermore, by understanding food in more depth you’ll be able to improve the nutritional content you get out of each thing, and by widening your repertoire of recipes you’ll give yourself more options when your food cupboard is looking a little bare.

3. Plumbing

You don’t need to be able to lay a whole pipe system, but being comfortable with a standard tool kit is essential. With average hourly rates for plumbers being anywhere between £40-£60, being able to do basic tasks for yourself will save you a lot of money in long run.

You should be able to fix a leaking pipe of cistern, unclog a blocked drain, and to be able to install simple things like a new shower head or washing machine. Take yourself to an evening class to learn how, or find a suitable Youtube DIY video.

4. Car maintenance

Again, your car is both a costly but invaluable piece of equipment in your daily life. Being able to care for it appropriately will save you money not on ly on repairs, but should also minimise the amount of general wear and tear it receives over the course of its life.

Being able to change the oil and filters, as well as maintain and change your own tyres are all easily acquired skills that will save you money on your annual service. You should also learn to recognise when your car needs to be seen by a professional mechanic in order to avoid long term and costly damages.

5. Growing your own

According to a recent survey, 81% of Millennials who garden do so in order to grow their own food. This is a steadily growing movement in the UK that will not only help people save money, but will improve the way people eat and cook.

By growing your own food you do two things. Firstly, you become aware of what foods are in season and which are not. Eating seasonal foods is better for your body, as they have not had to travel across the planet from warmer climes to reach you. Secondly, by growing your own food you are obviously saving money on your supermarket bill. Even just having a herb garden will save you on expensive packets of single use herbs once or twice a week.

Finally, learning to manage your money independently is the most important life skill you will ever learn. Use Oval to get the tools to need to help you shape your own financial future.

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