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Emily Meny-Gibert

Born in London and raised in South East Asia. Passions include writing, sunshine, and really good books.


Tech entrepreneur @Uber in Europe and Cofounder @OvalMoney. Dreamer, Doer, and Daughter of an amazing entrepreneur! I started loving tech early on!

Chiara Sinchetto

I raise financial awereness of people with a humanistic approach, for work. I'm crazy about dogs and books.


"Guest" is everyone who loves Oval, saving money and tech and wants to share interesting news

Nicolò Maneri

Un geek milanese trapiantato a Londra, guardo al di là della rete tra una partita di tennis e una pivot


Free will believer, keyword magician, geek and comfort-zone defier. Marketer & Scuba Diver

Elena Capaccioni

Product-Community bridge here at Oval Money. Problem solver at heart.




Blond manga lover a bit obsessed with fitness. Anxious and perfectionist by nature, I think of myself as a Python enthusiast and a Data Scientist wannabe. Slightly forgetful.

Luciana Grosso

Giornalista e storyteller non sa decidersi tra viaggiare per il mondo o spiaggiarsi per ore sul divano. Quando non fa nessuna di queste cose scrive di esteri e di economia e la cosa le piace parecchio

Camilla Pecetto

Marketing Manager at Oval. I'm fascinated by how technology is changing the relationship that exists between brands and people.

Mariavittoria Cervigni

Copywriter and UX Writer at Oval. Born in Rome, raised traveling by lucky astral coincidences, I face life with a lot of good music, and peace&love as a mantra.

Donato Barbagallo

Product Owner. I love making things that impact people’s life.

Inigo Scott

British to the core, Inigo has spent a number of years working and living in Italy, embracing the Italian culture and enjoys finer details in life.