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Oval is 3 years old, and the investment marketplace shy of 1.5 years. We founders decided to start Oval to solve a very clear problem that our generation of digital natives, in the first years of their careers, were facing; saving easily and automatically and investing early for their future.

We wanted to give anyone the power to literally take matters into their own hands through an app with a sleek design, a number of fully integrated financial solutions, and a community of affectionate users around it, we could accompany this generation of peers towards financial freedom.

This mission has never changed as we continue to build and grow the app and our Ovalers community. However, we have realised that this mission is bigger than we imagined it to be and a whole new group of users is using our app to make investment decisions with their existing accumulated wealth. They look for diversification in their investment portfolio composed of usual asset management, with a number of flexible products that give more interesting returns. They are more sophisticated and understand the complexities of certain financial instruments more clearly, also realizing the potential risks.

Covid-19 locked us all in our homes and as we prepared for a world that would radically change, we founders went back to the drawing board. While our team continued to excel remotely reaching incredible KPIs month over month during the past quarter, we spent some time going back to the roots and just the four of us together, like 4 years ago, redefined a new era for Oval. With limited resources and time, we created and are now proud to announce Oval Pro.

Oval Pro will be a web based only solution, with an assistant by your side, that will allow investors to select and invest directly into a number of sophisticated structured products that have potentially a higher risk, but can bring higher returns. Oval Pro is just for investing, as its users have already built  their assets independently and are simply looking for a new way to invest. Nonetheless, Pro does not deviate from the original vision of Oval; that of providing access to a whole group of underserved users and raising financial awareness.

Access - because big banks sell structured products mainly through a physical network of private bankers. They are more and more selective of the investors they serve, focusing on those with a wealth that exceeds a million euros. Pro allows investments starting from 5,000€.

Financial education - because once again we are taking on an industry, estimated at €45bn between primary and secondary issuance per year in Italy alone, and making it completely transparent through a digital platform. Each product will be thoroughly explained and we have a team of people ready to help each investor through their investment decision. Like always, we do not give investment advice and we always suggest to speak to a financial advisor in case you are unsure whether any of the products we offer are suitable for you. We allow for a smooth onboarding process and a simple investment and disinvestment process that will drive flexibility. All our products, in fact, will be priced on a daily basis and although focused  on medium term investments, we will always provide liquidity at T+1.

Needless to say, with the introduction of Pro we founders are excited to have the opportunity to expand our vision in multiple ways. Each product will run independently for now so Oval users will need to register and go through a bespoken onboarding to access Oval Pro. Through this innovation we see Oval becoming more and more an essential player in the otherwise messy, expensive, not digital and elitist way of distributing structured products today. We will welcome feedback over the first few months of the beta product and will see it expand across Europe as our existing app is looking to do.

Changing times like these require focus, sharpness and a clear path to profitability. With Pro, we believe Oval is leading the way in a new era of fintech startups. The focus will always be on the customer and finance will be defined by them first. The era of one size fits all has died in many other industries thanks to innovation in the digital space and is ripe for disruption also in the Financial Services market. We have and will continue to drive financial product innovation thanks to our partners, by actually building instruments that people want and ask for, not the other way around.

Oval does not provide financial advice, you capital is at risk. The product is intended to be offered to retail investors who fulfill all of the criteria below: they are sophisticated and experienced in trading complex securities; they are looking for an investment opportunity that reflects an expectation that the underlying will slightly decreases in value over time; they are able to bear a total loss of the amount invested; they have a medium-term investment horizon.

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