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We always say that start-ups are nothing without the people behind them, and we are proud to have attracted a hugely diverse and talented group of people from different disciplines and backgrounds.

At Oval we have 56 employees spread across 3 offices. While our head office is in London, most of the operational team is based in Turin, and we also have a satellite office in Milan.

We have 40% of women in our team, and - founders excluded - 2 out of 5 managerial positions are covered by women. While 86% of our team is based in Italy, we have 7 different nationalities, and 8 different languages spoken fluently.

Even more surprising - 32% of our employees have moved back to Italy from having lived abroad for a time. Their permanence abroad varies from a few months to over 14 years.

In terms of education, people in our team have a wide range of backgrounds, and we pride ourselves in never discriminating based on people's education background. As a matter of fact, we have designed specific tasks for each job role to test skills that cannot be assessed by a university degree only. Interestingly, many of our developers have never completed a Computer Science Degree but are instead self-taught from a young age.

We could do better in terms of age diversity. Our product caters for millennials, and that's why so many of our hires are from that generation!

We attract other entrepreneurs and love having them in our team - all of them have quickly grown into leadership roles. 4 of our employees had previously launched and managed at least 1 company before joining Oval and, in our team, they have found the same opportunities to make things happen.

The only thing that is not very diverse, is that we constantly seem to hire people with the same names! So far, we have had 4 Simone, 3 Francesca, 3 Stefano, 2 Mattia and 2 Walter (and they are both Italian!).

We always hire the best, but with a diverse team, we believe that people can thrive and great things can happen. We will carry on monitoring our diversity in other areas. If you want to know more about our team, you can visit our blog to read their stories.

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