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The season of love comes alarmingly close on the heels of Christmas and the New Year. For this reason you may find yourself a little less able to facilitate a romantic meal for two or a destination mini break.

If that’s the case then fear not, there are still a host of ways to make your SO feel loved this Valentine’s without pushing yourself into debt to do so. Here are five romantic ways to say “I love you” for less than £10 this year.

1.    Breakfast in bed

It’s a tried and tested stalwart of romance, it’s true, but it’s one that can’t steer you wrong. If you can’t afford to go out or buy something nice then showing you care through your actions is what matters most.

Make chocolate chip pancakes with these heart shaped pancake moulds and cover them in whipped cream and strawberries or chocolate sauce.

2.    Go back to your roots

There’s nothing more romantic than letting your SO know that you remember the exact moment you first set eyes on them. Take them back to the place you met, be it a park, or a bar, or a restaurant, and reminisce together about your early days.

Keeping the past alive is part of maintaining your connection to each other.

3.    Make it Bespoke

Some supermarkets offer a dine-in deal for only £10. Get a bottle of wine, a main, a dessert and a side dish all on budget, but make it special by going a little bespoke.

You can make a simple treasure hunt that leads your partner through the house until they reach the table you’ve laid for two, or you can set the mood lighting low and throw on some romantic music and light candles all through the house. All free, and all the icing on the cake when it comes to showing them how much they mean to you.

4.    Have an adventure

If you’re not the stay home types, then an adventure day is the way to go. Find super cheap bus tickets for £5 a head and visit a town you’ve both never seen.

Pack a lunch to take with you so you don’t have to spend anything and spend the day exploring new streets and museums. You might find Europe’s next hidden gem!

5.    Start a new tradition

There are some fantastic Valentine’s traditions from different countries all over the world. Take a look and if any take your fancy then install it as your new couple’s tradition.

For example, in Denmark women are often given a gaekkebrev (a joke letter) that is signed anonymously. If she correctly guesses the sender then she secures herself the gift of an Easter egg later that year! Get your friends to write a few with you, and see if your partner can guess which is yours. Not only is it fun, but it puts off buying a present until later in the year when your wallet is looking a little thicker!

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