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Mariavittoria... a name that says it all! "Vittoria" means victory and commonly, victory means being the first. Mari has been our first hire in 2019, our very first copywriter and the first employee working regularly from Milan.

These are not reasons for her to boost, indeed! She works regularly with developers, designers and the whole marketing team to bring their needs together and make our texts clear and flowing.

One year of Mariavittoria, in numbers:

šŸ’¬ 12.845 typos corrected

šŸ§¦ 20+ variants of the name invented by my colleague Gilberto

šŸŽ§ 4.416 songs played on Spotify

āœ 5 notebooks fully scribbled

  1. What was your idea of Oval before joining the team?
    Oval came by chance, I didn't know much of the fintech world, but after my last working experiences I dreamt of a real, dynamic and a little crazy startup.
  2. After a year in Oval, how has this idea changed?
    I immediately understood that I had made the right choice! Oval is like a family and as such we grow a lot and improve together šŸ¤—
  3. You mentioned "the latest work experiences"... What did you do before coming to Oval?
    I was writing in three languages for a furniture and design e-commerce.
  4. Did you study languages?
    No, it was family and travel that allowed me to be fluent in languages. At university I studied architecture, but I quickly realised that I was bad at keeping buildings standing šŸ˜…. However I would choose that faculty again, it was very formative and gave me a lot of discipline.
  5. What characterises your desk?
    Order isn't! My must-have, in addition to the computer, are a small pencil case full of pens and an agenda.
  6. What do you like to do when you're not at work?
    I travel as soon as I can and look for absurd objects in second hand markets.
    I listen to a lot of music and I walk a lot. But the thing I like most of all is to discover people.

7. What did you want to do when you grew up?
A ranger, an astronaut, then a stylist. None of my childhood dreams came true, except in completely different forms. But one thing I've always done is writing, I started at 8 with a monthly magazine about my family.

8. What is your superpower in the workplace?
I have two: availability and patience.

9. Which superpower would you like to have outside the office?
Easy, teleportation!

10. What was the biggest challenge you faced in Oval?
As a copywriter accustomed to writing long and detailed texts, the biggest challenge was to learn microcopywriting. It is a complex task, but I like it a lot because it aims at essentiality, and I am discovering a lot of interesting things about myself too.

11. Favorite quote?
It's from a painter: "I do not think that the banks of a river suffer because they let the river flow."

12. What do you dream of being remembered for?
For making a little noise in people's lives and for being socially useful šŸ„

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