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Red beard, bald head and a Viking soul... raise the goblets of mead for Giulio, our back-ender who this month celebrates his first year in Oval!

Whilst he looks every bit the Norse warrior, his character also lives up to the comparison; as it has the same mix of irony, appetite for risk, and loyalty to promises made (both to himself and others). One of these promises was to become a skilled developer... one on which he works every day to achieve to its fullest!

One year of Giulio, in numbers:

👾 300+ online games played after work

🏥 200+ accidents risked when biking to work

1. What was your idea of Oval before you started?

The Oval app was presented to me by a friend, who already knew some of its developers. I met them too when I was visiting the Pycon 9 conference as a student and I realized that there were the perfect ingredients for a great first work experience: a field I was passionate about as a user (fintech), a team with which it seemed easy to feel good, and so much know-how to learn!

2. After a year working with us, would you say it was everything you expected it to be?
Absolutely, but there was also much more! For example, I did not expect to grow so much in interpersonal relationships.

3. Given you had the chance again would you take the opportunity to work with Oval?
I would even start before!

4. What did you do before you started with Oval?
I was procrastinating with my degree.

5. Therefore it is better to avoid the question "What did you graduate in?"...
I graduated in the art of degree procrastination 😜

6. What did you want to be growing up?
I've always wanted to do something related to software development. The only exception was before junior high school: at that time I wanted to do my father's job, the elevator repairman. Ironically these occupations have a lot in common!

7. What’s your dream job?
The requirements are: having fun, being proud of the results and growing as a person. Currently these requirements are fully satisfied, tomorrow we'll see!

8. What’s your biggest weakness?
Sometimes my self-confidence fools me.

9. What would you like to be remembered for?
In the world of dreams I am definitely the person who has allowed mankind to evolve. What this means constantly changes. The reality is that for better or for worse I love humankind and I want to see it go far ahead. The awareness of being just a small brick prevents me from fantasising about something more than what I consider to be my part.

10. What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
Oxygen. I'm still a back-ender in Oval, I can't but give this reply 😜

11. What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
Lately I've been struggling to satisfy all my passions, but the one I can't give up even in challenging times is online video gaming. It makes me stop thinking about everything else, it gives me a daily space to dedicate to my friends (which I also see in real life) and indirectly allows me to keep alive my passion for Linux.

12. What’s your favourite quote/line from a movie?
"Everything that has a beginning also has an end, Neo" - Matrix

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