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Just like any building needs a strong foundation to stand the test of time, so too do your savings skills. In order to become an expert at anything you need to start from the beginning, and lay down a solid foundation of knowledge upon which you can build your expertise.

We designed the "Start with the basics" Oval missions to help you do just this: to get better acquainted with the mechanics of the Oval app, and to make your first steps towards better habits as easy as possible.

The missions in this category are divided into a series of three distinct groups, all made to help you use the different parts of the Oval app. Once you complete one mission, the next one in the series will be unlocked and ready for you to start!

Even if you’re a seasoned Ovaler, completing the "Start with the basics" missions means you can make sure there are no gaps in your knowledge, and that you’re getting the very best out of your Oval app.

Mission Set-up ⚙️

Understanding how Oval can fit around your lifestyle is the first step to your financial empowerment. This mission takes you through the process of setting up a Savings Step in a clear and easy way so you know exactly how to use Oval, and you can figure out which Step best fits you.

Your First Transfer 💰

This challenge walks you through the mechanics of how to set up a transfer from your bank account to your oval wallet. It makes sure that you know how to set everything up in order to confirm the process, and it means you are on your way to savings greatness.

Invite a friend 👧👦

The "Invite a friend to join Oval!" mission is just one of a series of missions that are all about sharing your Oval experience with others. Having an Oval buddy can help you towards your own personal success for loads of different reasons.

You can help each other focus when things get tough, and encourage each other to reach your own personal goals. Plus, you also each receive £5 if your friend signs up using your exclusive code!

Just find your mission and click "start", your path to financial empowerment is clear.

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