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As an investor, even as a relative beginner, have you ever wondered if it's possible to contribute toward a better world by investing your capital in companies that support important causes?

The investment products available to you at Oval are designed to reflect our philosophy: to allow everyone safe and simple access to investment, no matter what their income, and to provide investment opportunities that align with people’s values and beliefs.

That’s why today we are going to look more closely at two of Oval’s bespoke investment products, namely: Invest with Pride, and Protect Water.

Invest with Pride: for a more inclusive world

Invest with Pride is an investment product with a clear objective: to invest in companies that support LGBTQ rights.

How are the companies within this investment basket chosen? Through the score obtained in the CEI (Corporate Equality Index), prepared by the non-profit organization Human Rights Campaign. This score constitutes the first internationally recognized report that helps to assess inclusiveness and absence of discrimination in the workplace. Only those with a positive score were included in this investment product.

In the collection you will find some well-known names: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. They all stand out for both their policies on inclusiveness, and their historically strong stock market performance - of which most of us were already aware. If you think about it, it’s not strange that the two things go hand in hand. As you can probably tell from our Inside Oval interviews, we are of the opinion that, in 2019, a company’s productivity is linked to its comprehension that employing people from all walks of life can only add further professional depth and expertise.

Promoting equality and stamping out all forms of discrimination is the best way we know how to make the world a better place.

Details: this is an investment product that you can access for as little as 10 euros, with a minimum investment period (ie. the period after which you can withdraw your money) of 7 days and it has a low degree of risk.


Protect Water: to help conserve this planet’s precious resource

Water is not an inexhaustible resource, something we should remember a lot more often. Statistics indicate that by 2030 (in just 11 years!), the water available on the planet will amount to only 60% of the world’s demand.

And the remaining 40%?

It’s an issue that is important to us all, given that on a daily basis we all count on the availability of water for drinking, washing, cooking, and much more. However, we are too accustomed, in this part of the world at least, to see it gushing clear from our taps, and to thinking too little about its value and how to conserve it.

Protect Water invests in companies that seek solutions to conserve and purify water. Among these are members of the 2030 Water Resources Group, an association that unites companies and public bodies and that makes it its mission to help as many countries as possible to reach 2030 with sufficient water resources. It promotes collective actions and works closely with both governments and private companies.

Water scarcity impacts everyone, even companies that need it on a large scale for their production processes, and we can all do something to stop the bleeding of this resource, so fundamental to the life of the whole planet.

Details: this is an investment product that you can access for as little as 50 euros, with a minimum investment period (ie. the period after which you can withdraw your money) of 7 days and it has a low degree of risk.

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