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At Oval, we believe that everyone should have the right to be an investor.

Too often we are presented with a world where the rich get richer whilst everybody else is not given fair and equal access to financial products and services that could help them become financially healthy.

It is no secret that the financial industry makes most of its money from the unworldly or uneducated, by keeping them in high interest  debt or never presenting them with a saving plan for their future.

If you are starting your career and therefore have no savings in your account or, even worse, if you have a flexible income lifestyle, you will find yourself excluded from a myriad of financial products as you are viewed as neither a large enough, nor dependable enough, source of revenue.

A platform that is tailored for you

This is where Oval comes in. A platform to close this gap. And while closing it, we have decided to fix not only people’s access to investment, but also their opportunity to invest in their passions and interests.

If you go on Amazon today you will be able to purchase anything you want with the push of a button, and Amazon will also be able to find the best product specifically for you. This level of personalisation that we have all gotten so used to in the digital space, is still very new in the financial market. Banks and asset managers are used to a one-product-fits-all approach as this has always been the industry standard. But think about how impactful it could be if you could get your own personalised investment plan?

What I mean is, the opportunity to invest in the companies and people you believe in, whilst still making a return on your money. Let me explain this more clearly. Maybe you always buy Nike shoes when you want to go for a run, or  you only use L’Oréal shampoo for your hair, or maybe you don’t have a list of preferred products, but your focus is on caring for the environment and combating climate change.

These are all characteristics of your personality and beliefs that distinguish you from everyone else. With Oval we wanted to embrace this by offering products that reflect the beliefs that you, as users, have shared with us.

We therefore created investment baskets, which are a single unit of at least 15 stocks that are used in program trading, index fund management and currency portfolio management, united around a common theme, such as companies with effective LGBTQ policies, or companies seeking solutions to water conservation. This is called ethical investing.

Ethical and Social Impact: a subtle difference

Oval thus focuses on product baskets made up of public companies that are connected by a common ethical denominator. This is not impact investing, which is a form of investing that is more focused on small enterprises, often in the private sector, that are working to change an industry or create social impact on a specific market or minority.

Instead, these companies in our investment baskets are a new breed that exist inbetween non-profit and for-profit companies. They have the same missions of non-profit enterprises, like health, education, financial inclusion, and many others, but with the benefit of being self-sustained by a profitable business model.

We believe Oval is an impact company, and we will look to add these investments in the future, but we chose to start with ethical investing, as the public markets make the product liquid (you can buy and sell anytime) and transparent (the price is always known).

As we choose to launch more and more investment products, we want to continue to learn from you about the topics you care about, so that we can allow you to put your money where your heart belongs.

We hope to surprise and inspire you with our selection as well as providing you with an effective platform to access the investment market, because it is never too early to start!

Oval does not provide financial advice. If you need further information we suggest you look for expert advice.

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