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Growing up, my dad always said to me, never spend more than you earn.

This golden piece of advice sort of washed over me until now, where I've reached an age at which I'm starting to rethink how I spend and save, and it’s become very clear to me how right he is!

So, it’s in honour of my dear old dad and his sage (and sometimes not quite so sage) advice that I’m writing this post in order to share a few of his best gems with you.

1. Never lend what you can’t afford to be without

This is so true I can’t share it enough. If someone asks to borrow money from you - be it £5 or £5,000 - only lend them what you can afford to never have paid back.

Chances are, if you lend something to a friend or associate they will get it back to you, but there’s no guarantee. If you give someone your last tenner - whilst it’s commendable – what do you do when it comes to topping up your oyster, paying your car parking, or buying yourself lunch?  If you lend someone something you should be prepared to be able to sustain yourself without it.

2. Always save at least 10% of your income

Not always possible, granted, but still good advice from Dad nonetheless. Last September the BBC reported that 16 million people in Britain had less than £100 in savings. There are so many reasons for why this may be so, but if you try and save a % of your income every month you create a safety buffer between you and any unexpected costs that may arise.

3. Always reuse the teabag

Like I told you, not all his advice is sage advice. However, this one is a bit deceptive.

Part of it is dad being a bit stingy on the old teabags and only using one for every 2 cups of tea, but another part of it is teaching you to look for ways to stop unnecessary waste. Now, I’m not saying settle for terrible tea, because that’s just a travesty, but have a think about where you can stop waste in your everyday life. Keeping track of your money is the easiest way to start saving

So there you have it, home grown English Dad saving wisdom that’s stood the test of time!