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"How can I save money if I don't earn a lot?", "I have nothing left after I pay the bills.", "You have to earn a lot to be able to put something aside".

Do these comments sound familiar? Are they part of your inner monologue on saving? If they are, then here are three stories that might make you think twice about how difficult it really is to start saving, and how once you start, your daily life might start improving too.

Mario Vannucci is the hero of our first story. Mario was born and raised in a small town near Pisa, where he happily lived and worked in a call centre until he was thirty. That was the year that something changed. That was the year he found Marta.

As in most great love stories, his love struck him like a thunderbolt out of the blue and everything was the better for it. Marta lived far away, but it was never a problem having to travel to see her. She was worth it. After a year of back and forth, however, the couple started yearning for a little stability. Deciding to move in together was a choice that came naturally, and so, Mario found himself moving to Pontedera where Marta lived and worked.

Today Mario has a job in a law firm. He earns €28,000 a year and is happy with his peaceful life. He appreciates every moment he gets to spend with Marta and the happy home they have built together.  They don’t have an extravagant lifestyle and Mario doesn’t have expensive hobbies. His outgoings amount to tickets for football matches with his colleagues, evenings at the bar with friends, and takeout for those comfy nights in on the sofa with Marta.

His dream? To have enough money set aside so that he and Marta can get married, and to have a little set aside for a rainy day.

How and why does Mario use Oval Money? Mario has good control of his income and expenses. He is sensible with his money and doesn’t make grandiose purchases. However, although he always spends wisely, he never puts anything aside. He needed a way to save that was simple, automated, and meant he never had to think about it. Oval was perfect for him because it meant he could start saving right away, putting away as much or as little as he wanted each week: he was in control. He started with the fitness step, because, as he put it: his happy nights in with Marta had led him to acquire a happy waistband too!

Just by activating that one step, it meant that going to and from the office saved him €70 a month. And the best part? All that walking gave him the time to think about exactly how and when he is going to ask Marta to marry him!

Sara Mariani would never have imagined she would be so blissfully happy at the age of 28. She loves her job and her fiercely independent life. She has lived in Bologna since she was nineteen, and the city has now become her home. Working as a nurse gives her daily satisfaction, as she values a job that makes her feel useful to others. At Christmas she goes home to Imola to visit her parents and family. She is happy with her choices and wouldn’t change her life for anything.

She values this happiness because it hasn’t always been so. When she was studying at university she met and fell in love with a fellow student. Andrea was a creative and somewhat elusive student of philosophy who captured her heart. The relationship moved fast and they were living together within weeks. It all came crashing down though, when time revealed that they were both too different for it to last. Sara loved going out with friends, playing sports and planning trips, while Andrea always seemed to be lost in a world of his own.

So, she decided to take her life into her own hands and find a home of her own. She now lives in a wonderful little place with her cat and can have fun organizing evenings out, exploring nearby cities on weekends, and getting the most out of her gym membership!

How and why does Sara uses Oval Money?

Sara doesn’t have the best control of her expenses. She never seems to spend that much, but with her current salary of €20,000 a year, it doesn’t take much to see her hard-earned money evaporate. She downloaded Oval to gain a better understanding of where her money goes each month, so she can get a clearer idea of how to start gaining control. For her, the monthly pie chart that categorizes her spending is a Godsend.

Without automated savings, Sara knows she would never be able to save. That’s why she’s set up the weekly recurring savings step that puts aside a total of €50 a month into her digital wallet. Her plan is to increase this amount over time, after she’s observed her spending habits for a while and figured out where she can cut costs. Her long-term goal is to take a dream trip with her friends next summer. When she keeps that idea in mind, saving doesn’t seem so difficult!

Manuel Scaraffia is a twenty-year-old who dreams big. He works in Bergamo as a mechanic and lives with his mother and two brothers. Working in the workshop is a source of continuing satisfaction for him, as he is a great fan of engines. Earning his own salary also gives him a great sense of independence. Free time is spent with his childhood friends between sports and evenings out. It’s important to him that he’s not a financial burden on his family, and when he can he contributes to the costs of running the family home.

He loves watching the videos of entrepreneur Marco Montemagno. It inspires him for his own future and he is sure he will one day build himself the life that he wants.

How and why does Manuel use Oval Money?

Manuel earns € 15,000 a year, which, since he lives at home with his family is enough for him right now. He is a dreamer and thinks big. He wants to open his own workshop, so he knows it's never too early to start putting money aside. He read that the earlier you start to save, the better: even if the amounts are small.

He started using Oval because fintech has always fascinated him and he loves the ease with which he manages to save. He has now reached savings of €95 a month, which are all going into building his dream future. Start tracking your expenses now and save money: download Oval Money too!

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