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Traditionally a time for forging new ideas and making fresh plans, New Year’s and its associated resolutions have long been plagued by the unfortunate fact that, overwhelmingly, resolutions tend to fail. In fact, figures show that 80% of all New Year resolutions fail by February, no matter how well meant they are.

The only reason we are mentioning this disheartening fact is because resolutions tend to fail because people do one of these three things.

1. They either set totally unrealistic goals (ie. by Christmas I will have been to the moon, twice)

2. They set out to achieve a list of resolutions as long as their arm.

3. They set what are called negative goals. Negative goals run something like “I want to lose weight” as opposed to “I want to be healthier”. The negative language and thought processes associated with them are less appealing to hold in our mind as they induce negative emotions.  Therefore it stands to reason that they are less motivating and more easily forgotten.

With such unobtainable ends, it’s no wonder that most resolutions fall by the wayside by Valentine’s Day.

The key to succeeding at your resolution then is to set yourself an achievable, positive goal. With this in mind, why not set yourself an Oval resolution this year? With the recent updates in the newest release of our app, you are now able to make your savings steps 100% fully customisable.

What does this mean? It means you have the unique opportunity to set yourself positive, achievable, goals for 2019 all with just a few clicks of a button.

1. Get healthier this year

If you want to set yourself the positive goal of getting healthier this 2019, then make it an Oval resolution! To motivate yourself, set a savings step that sets aside a certain amount of money every time you spend money in wellbeing. Positive reinforcement has a proven history of working after all.

You could also set up the Fitness Step that saves money according to how many steps you take in a week, or how much distance you cover walking or running. It's a great incentive to get fit!

2. Spend more quality time with loved ones this year

If you want to connect more with those you love this year it’s an admirable ambition. You can choose to set aside a set amount of money every week which you can then either use to invest for your future of the future of your family, or to take out your loved ones for a special day or family dinner once a month.  

3. See more of the world this year

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and you want to see more of the world this year then do it! Whilst a worthy resolution, it is one that can have a fairly hefty impact on your wallet.

Therefore, you should set yourself a savings step that gives you a double benefit. Every time you spend money on transport (including your flights to distant lands) put aside a set amount of money into your savings. This way your resolution is having a positive impact on both your mind and your wallet.

4. Learn a new skill

This resolution is another popular (and admirable!) ambition. Whether it be a new language, a musical instrument, or even just cooking a new recipe, self development is always a good idea.

It’s another resolution that can yield double benefits. Every time you spend money in self-improvement you can set aside a set amount of money in savings. A double win!