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Brits spent an estimated £277 million on Halloween treats last October, making what was once a relatively low-key weekend into a now fairly costly celebration. If you have caved into ‘celebratory pressure’ and are either hosting a party or providing bags of sweets to all the children who come knocking on your door, then here are 5 nifty ways to trick or treat your savings wallet this year and keep the spending to a minimum whilst dialling the fun up to the max!

1. Be conservative with your sweets

Whilst you never want to be stingy, it pays to not go too overboard on the sweets. Handing out one lolly pop or small bag of jelly sweets is more than enough for each child, and their parents will probably even thank you for looking after their teeth!

Alternatively you can buy a few nets of oranges and hand them out instead of sweets. They’re cheaper and much healthier for the trick-or-treaters, but they still have that festive orange colour that keeps the Halloween vibe alive.

2. Use what you’ve already got

Whilst it’s still a relatively new tradition in Britain, more and more people are beginning to decorate their front door and doorsteps with carved pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

Have a rummage around in your Christmas box to see what you can re-purpose for Halloween, including gold or orange tinted tinsel and strings of fairy lights to wrap around your pumpkin. You still create the festive feel without spending any extra cash on decorations. You can even find free printable decorations on the Internet if you want a few spiders or cobwebs hanging around the corners.

3. Get creative with your fancy dress

Whilst not for everyone, fancy dress parties at Halloween are a tradition for many, and costumes are fast becoming big business. Short of the staple ‘eye holes but out of a bed sheet’ ghost costume, it can be difficult to find cost effective solutions. However, you can find some great ways to cut costs on your costume by looking in charity shops for cheap alternatives, or choosing to go as something flexible and generic, like a ‘witch’. If you are dressing up your kids then see if you can swap old costumes with other mothers and get some hand-me-downs.

What's great, is that with the round up step, the leftover pennies from your kids' Halloween costumes will get swept straight into your savings wallet, meaning you will be saving as well as spending.

4. Waste not, want not

It’s easy to get wasteful in the midst of festive frenzy, and whilst many people will simply throw out the insides of their carved pumpkins, you should instead keep them and use it to make a pumpkin pie or a stew that will feed the whole family. Similarly, any left over sweets or chocolates that aren’t used for trick or treating can be secreted away and brought out in a few weeks for Christmas stocking fillers or little Christmas table gifts.

5. Don’t get sucked in

It’s easy to feel like there’s always more you could be buying, doing, or decorating. Don’t get sucked into the spiral of never-ending Halloween spending. Whatever you do will be enough, and, if you really can’t afford it flying solo then lock up your house and go and spend Halloween with friends where you can share the cost of dinner, treats, and decorating.