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Finding a way to monetise your passion sounds like the dream to most of us. It stands to reason that the work that makes you feel engaged makes you feel happy. Not only are you doing what you love, but because you love it you are more likely to do it well.

With a little work and organisation you can potentially turn what you love into something that brings in an additional stream of income. For some, this means working up to a full-scale business, whereas others may be happy to just make it a legitimate side hustle that allows them to earn some pocket money. Whether you’re the former of the latter, if you’re interested in making some extra cash, take a look at how your hobbies can start working for you.

1. Gaming

This is a hobby that has come a long way since its pasty faced teenage outcast days. With the rise of Silicone Valley and mega tech companies like Google and Facebook, geek-chic is now very much 'in'. Additionally, thanks to streaming sites like Twitch, the gaming industry is building cash rich influencers and hobbyists of its own.

Live streaming: You can make money by building a following on Twitch that allows you to live stream your game play for others to watch. The higher your following, the higher your revenue from advertising or subscriptions. Back in 2014, Forbes reported that some of the professionals make up to $300,000 a year doing this.

Tournaments: You can also take part in gaming tournaments that have a cash prize. These are slowly starting to build in popularity which is great for the gamer, as the more popular they become, the higher value the reward.

2. Travel

In a generation that apparently would rather travel the world than buy their own home, it’s becoming increasingly common to meet people who have been all over the globe. If this sounds like you then there a number of ingenious ways you can earn money from this rather costly hobby.

Blogging: If you are inclined to writing and sharing experiences, then starting a travel blog could be a great idea for you. Once you build up your readership and have made a reputation for yourself within the travel blog industry, then you can start to make from your blog through things like advertising, brand partnerships, and sponsorships.

Tour Guide: For those who live in tourist centres or big cities there can be some great cash to be made by being a walking tour guide. Whilst many of these are officially free, people on holiday are usually generous with tips if they have a guide with really great in-depth local knowledge.

3. Writing

For those for whom writing is a passion, it can sometimes feel like such a personal pursuit that you’ll never be able to make a penny from it. There are a few ways however, in which you can turn words into pounds.

Freelancing: Writing for local papers or online magazines can be a way to earn some good money from your passion. In fact, if you build up a strong repertoire you may find you can make quite a lot of money as a freelance writer.

Self publishing: If you are a budding novelist and it’s your hobby to write books, plays, or collections of poetry, then why not try self publishing your works on sites like Amazon or Lulu Press.

4. Fitness

People are always looking for ways to improve their health, their fitness, and their self-esteem. If you are one of the lucky few who actually enjoy a workout, and you are passionate about your hobby, there are definitely ways to make money from it.

Personal trainer: Being a personal trainer does usually mean you will need some kind of recognised qualification in fitness. However, if it’s your passion then it may be worth knuckling down and studying so that you are able to train your own clients and make money by sharing your enthusiasm for fitness.

Finally, if you feel that you don't have a hobby which you can monetise, but you still want to find a way to save a little money each month from the income you already have, then downloading and using a money saving app could be perfect for you.

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