Discover tips and tricks on how to save and invest money by Oval Money


1.     Save your loose change

Every time you get change in your wallet and you have a few loose pounds rolling around fish them out straight away and chuck them in a jar somewhere dark and out of the way.

2.     Make your coffee at home

Coffee-on-the-go has fast become a luxury almost everyone now indulges in. The trouble is, depending on your order, and the voracity of your habit, it can cost you between £2 to £10 a day. A DAY. Learn to make great coffee at home instead.

3.     Pack your lunch for work

Be it a tuna mayo sandwich, or last night’s leftovers, bringing a packed lunch to work will save you money at the staff canteen or local bars. Even a sandwich from the corner shop costs £1.20 more than free.

4.     Freeze those extras

Make your meals in bulk so that you can portion them up and freeze them. They always come in handy at the end of the month when things are looking a little lean.

5.     Get rid of those subscriptions

Do you really need both Prime and Netflix? Do you need a snack box delivered to your desk each week? Any subscription you are no longer using, or can learn to live without, then cut it out.


6.     Make a list

This goes for everything, not just food shopping. It’s no secret that you buy more food when you shop hungry and without a list. The same goes for aimlessly browsing around a department store. Only buy what you’ve set out to buy and don’t get distracted by deals and promotions you don’t need. Impulse buys are your enemy. Before you make any purchase, make sure you ask yourself these 5-second finance questions.

7.     Turn off the lights

Any room you’re not in doesn’t need to be lit up like a Christmas tree. The same actually goes for the room you’re in. Does it need to have 4 different lamps switched on just to create the perfect mood? Switch all the lights in your house to energy saving bulbs too. They make a difference.

8.     Change up your commute

It’s not possible for everyone, but can you be flexible with your commute? Can you run in to work one or two days a week and save train or bus fare? Or, can you walk and get your bus a little closer to work, minimising the price of your ticket?

9.     Find free hobbies

Every city has something worth discovering. Whether it’s free museums or art galleries, or you decide to take up hiking, or writing poetry, there are plenty of hobbies you can cultivate that don’t require your debit card.

10. Download Oval Money

A nifty little app that sweeps away loose change into a digital wallet every time I make a purchase? A helpful tool that lets me set my own savings goals and records where I make my purchases so I can build up a solid understanding of where my money goes each month? Sign me up!

Saving made easy with Oval Money!



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