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Summer is traditionally the time for kicking back, taking it easy, and treating yourself to a well earned holiday. However, if you’re feeling this pinch this season and can’t afford to spend the way you want to, you’ll be happy to know there are still some great ways to splurge this summer that will keep you well within a tight budget and still give you a great time.

1.     Get a ‘seasonal fruit and vegetables chart’

They exist. The cheapest fruit is the fruit that’s in season. Get a chart that tells you what is in season in your area, when. It will help you make better choices for your wallet and your body. Move from strawberries and cream to watermelon mojitos in sync with the seasons and get your chance to savour the best flavours of summer at the best prices.

2.     Join the voucher crowd

During the summer there are always loads of vouchers for experiences, like parachuting or flying lessons, and adventure days-out. Check the major sites like and even local newspapers for money off theme parks or day trips. It’s a great way to think outside the box and try things you may never have even thought of.

3.     Get involved in the 'staycation'

If you don’t have money to go abroad (hands up), then just recreate the holiday magic at home. Get to know your city better with a free walking tour or a day of museum hopping. Alternatively, drive out to the countryside around you and hike, or walk the pretty country lanes. Bring a picnic with you for a low key outdoors lunch and make a day of being away from home. The magic of being away from work doesn’t just happen once you cross the border. It can happen right here at home too.

4.     See your friends for free

Seeing friends is obviously an important part of the summer (and life in general). However, you don’t have to go out to a restaurant together, or pay to go to big events. Instead, cook a big meal together where everyone contributes an ingredient or a dish. You get quality time to chat and catch up, and it saves everyone money. If you want to go out dancing or clubbing together, then have a few drinks at home first, so you’re not spending £10 a pop on fancy mojito’s. Then when you’re out, try to alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water. Not only is this a great way to save money, but also it’s just better for you. Body is a temple and all that.

5.     Do up the house

Clean, tidy, and renovate this summer. Make your home a place you want to be all the time. There are loads of great websites that teach you how to up-cycle or do DIY house projects with stuff you already have in your house. Capitalise on that! Have fun and save money. Plus if you love your house you’ll never want to spend money going anywhere else. Win-win my friends.

If you have kids then check out our post on great ways to entertain them at home this summer too, all without spending a penny.

6.     Go foraging

It’s not for everyone. But there are loads of meet-up groups that take you hiking into the wilderness and teach you how to forage for your own food. Obviously don’t expect to come back with a supermarket trolley full of produce, but it’s a great way to see different parts of your environment, meet new like-minded people, and maybe even come home with a few new herbs and veggies that you can spend time learning how to cook.

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