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As you know, understanding the people who use your product is one of the best ways to make sure it's really providing value!

Because of this, over the last year we've been studying our Ovaler's habits and, as you can imagine, the result of this work has brought us some very interesting findings, many of which we didn't expect!

We've decided to represent some of these findings graphically and share them with you, so here we go:




As you can see from the images above, our Italian users are quite a lot better at saving, even though the average saving per week is almost equal between the two countries.

Our English users are also quite a bit younger compared to our Italian users (25 vs 31 years old on average), so could it be that people tend to withdraw their savings less as they get older?



It's super interesting to see that the most popular merchants amongst our English and Italian users are basically identical - since Sky is the most popular TV provider in Italy - and the top 3 categories are also the same, even if in a different order.

The fact that people can be so different but still so similar in their habits reminds us that a world is a small place afterall 💚