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Just shy of two years ago we started working on Oval with a mission in mind. To bring more accessible, transparent and inclusive products to a huge neglected group of customers.

We believed that transformation would be the most effective if we worked to create a technology platform powered by AI that would make it as simple as a one click to access new financial products.

On our journey we had the opportunity to interact with many players in the traditional space and we realized that big financial institutions have the knowledge and know how to build financial products and services, something that would take us years to replicate.

What they lack is a constant focus on user interaction, design thinking and a fail fast approach to product development. What they look for are solutions that are digital first and closer to the end user, that can therefore offer the seamless last mile experience that customers have become used to in so many other sectors like transport, accommodation or commerce.

Oval was designed to be a platform first, an aggregator of financial products and services under one unique brand and one simple user experience.

Our partnership with Intesa SanPaolo and their proximity bank Banca5 is the first setp in a long and awaited solution that would drive us to the next level in achieving this mission.

Oval has the pleasure to welcome a new and experienced board member with multiple years in the payment and banking industry, and we can now work to extend the solutions offered on our platform.

We have recently announced the beta release of our investment marketplace and we will be providing new digital first banking solutions for our customers, that will be centered around a "future self" financial betterment experience.

What does financial betterment of the "future self" mean? We want Oval's financial solutions to be core in helping users with long term earnings' growth and be part of the financial planning for big life moments in the future.

Banca5 with its proximity network of over 20,000 tobacconists across the italian territory will allow us to deliver our mission with an online - offline integration that fully encompasses the best experience for a customer.

Stay tuned on the next big news from Oval in the months ahead! And #BeMoneyWise