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Living on your own for the first time is scary, but moving into your first home is another experience altogether. Starter homes are usually not the best to start with, but with the right know-how and with enough time and effort, you can truly transform your new place into a property you can and will want to live in for decades. Imagination, creativity, and some hard work are key to turning around any home so that you can make the most of your sound investment and get the most value back when it is time to move on.

Start with the Framework

You should always hire an inspector for a property before you buy. The best starter home is one that requires a little tender love and care, but also one that doesn’t need any major fixes that could cost you thousands. Some things, however, are worth redoing. Updating your door and windows could save you a lot of money over the years, and help you live a more comfortable life. It is important to note that sometimes it is not the windows themselves that need replacing, but the frame. It is for this reason that it is always wise to have a free consultation before committing to anything. Ensuring your windows and doors are airtight will help you save on energy costs and improve the value of your home, but you should only pay for what you need to.

Add Seamless Storage

Starter homes are usually small, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped inside. Instead, add seamless storage solutions. It could mean adding a whole wall of custom storage features, or it could mean adding shelving to your existing closet space. Either way, space is a premium in a small home, so you want to have as much storage space as possible.

Work with The Space

To make a small space bigger, use light, neutral colors. These colors are great at reflecting light and are timeless. For splashes of color, hold off. You can add them, but it is best to save them for decorative pieces that can be moved around and changed easily as you do.

Upgrade Slowly

When you first move into your own home, you might have few pieces of furniture to your name. Of what you own, they might be cheaply made or on their last legs, and while you should use this furniture for the time being, aim to replace them piece by piece as the years go on. The more slowly you upgrade your home, the better you can design it and the more you can save and actually afford what you purchase. It means you can splurge on quality pieces that will last you a lifetime since you are only buying one thing at a time. To ensure harmony, of course, you should save up in advance if you want to buy sets of furniture. You don’t need to have matching chairs to go with your table, for instance, but many people prefer it.

Bring in Light and Air

Design choices you can implement immediately, however, are tactics that will improve the amount of light in your home and the quality of the air. Houseplants are great additions to any design, are often quite hardy, and do wonders to improve the air quality significantly. Some can even help you sleep more deeply and relax. As for light, placing curtains on the walls next to windows, instead of directly in front of them, as well as using mirrors and light colors can help you brighten any space.


Landscaping is something every home needs to feel complete. Being outdoors and amongst nature is critical to our happiness and our health, and by professionally landscaping your outdoor spaces, you can increase the value of your home. You will want to start initially by searching online for professional lawn services near me. From there, you will want to work on creating an entertainment area, either with a patio or a porch, and then add plants, trees, bushes, and flowers. To stay within budget, make these changes slowly, doing one project every spring.

You can easily have a stunning home, but you need to be patient and do your best to work with the space you have. The longer it takes to complete your home, the more affordable it will be and the better your final design. Your starter home can last you decades, and should only be sold if you intend to start a family and need an extra bedroom, for example.

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