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Post by guest blogger Cloe Matterson

Do you live in a tiny home and suffer from a serious shortage of storage space? Are you, like many people in this day and age, sharing a home and struggling with bedroom storage ideas? Do you own seasonal items you love but just don’t have space for?

Often people living in tiny homes have a reoccurring problem: They don’t know how to create storage space in a small house. Collecting things overtime is inevitable, but if you’re living in a small home or bedroom already, you usually won't have the space to sacrifice. Often this means throwing stuff out that you would really rather keep, or just not buying something that you really want.

If, like many, these are problems you’re facing, here are some tiny home storage solutions to help you keep space in your home without having to rent a storage unit or throw things out:

Store vertically

Most people spread out their items rather than stacking. Building up really is one of the best storage ideas for small spaces on a budget. You can do this by stacking boxes, installing wall shelves, using the space under your bed or couches, selling small shelving units and purchasing tall shelving.

If you rearrange and refurnish your house with this in mind, you could find that you’ve actually cleared out enough space for you to start making money out of the extra storage space available.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be done all at once. Take your time, plan things out, slowly sell things off that you don’t need and replace them with smaller items with better storage capability. Over time you’ll find you’ve transformed your house for the better, helping you live in a tidier, more peaceful home.

Use Storemates for your seasonal gear, clothing, and items

As summer comes to an end, one problem people face is wondering what to do with their summer clothes, paddling pools, sun umbrellas, and beach inflatables. In tiny homes, there’s just no room for them to be lying around for another year, and that stuff is expensive, so you don’t want to throw it out. Storemates is the solution. Rather than throwing these items in a landfill and buying them again next year, you can save some money (and the environment) and store them until next season.

This also applies to seasonal sports gear, travel bags you rarely use, books you never read, and pretty much everything else you don’t regularly use. It really helps with freeing up storage for small spaces and allows you to breathe in a freshly decluttered home.

Shipping containers

If you’re wanting to clear some of your own space, another option you could consider is buying or hiring a used shipping container. They’re cheap, can fit in most yards, and are extremely customisable to fit your aesthetic tastes and storage needs.

If you want to know how to maximize space in a small house, shipping containers are often the way to go. You can store your own items in it and you can rent out the rest of the container’s space to other Storemates users.

This means you’ll be making money out of your spare storage space, essentially making your shipping container an investment. If you use it wisely, you could pay of the cost of it in under a year, meaning any extra money you make out of it is pure profit.

If you decide you don’t want to use the shipping container for storage later on, you can convert it into a garage, office space, or spare bedroom, or just sell it on.

Cloe Matheson is a freelance writer based in Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for writing about travel, fitness and lifestyle.

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