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Today's story is Alessia's.
Her story is a perfect reminder that you don't need fixed or high income to start saving for the future. A little every day goes a long way!


1. Give us a brief introduction
Hi, my name is Alessia and I'm a 22 year old psychology student at the University of Turin. In my free time I love traveling as it gives me the opportunity to discover new places and I can immerse myself in cultures completely different from my own. In my free time, a couple of times a week, I volunteer in the emergency room of my local hospital. I love the world of make-up and always keep myself updated on new trends. To relax, I enjoy listening to music and reading books of all kinds.

2. How would you describe your relationship with money?
I don't have a fixed income, but work a few part-time jobs to support myself and be more financially independent from my family. Growing up and getting a job has taught me the value of money. Not having it readily available, I always try plan how to spend it, even though I love to buy things on a whim when I have the chance.

3. What do you find hard about saving?
Surely the hardest part in saving, for me, is the opportunity cost: having to give up something that at that time you consider essential but, thinking about it a little longer, you realise really isn't!

4. How do you think Oval has been successful for you so far?
Oval helped me understand the value of money even better. I found a way to save money that allows me to put a little aside without me even noticing, following the exact Steps I choose!

5. Is there something you are planning to do when you have saved up a good amount of money? Would you consider investing it and, if yes, how so?
If I could set aside a good sum of money, I would like to travel a lot, and be able to open a small non-profit association to help women and children who have been mistreated and who need to be reintegrated into society.

Thank you so much Alessia. We hope your dream of opening an NGO for the reintegration of mistreated women and children into society will come true soon 💚

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