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Discover tips and tricks on how to save and invest money by Oval Money

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Us entrepreneurs tend to spend so much time focused on getting things done right and on time that we often forget what an impact this work has on the people that engage with it day after day.

Getting back out there and meeting enthusiastic Ovalers who have been using the app since its launch, as well as people who have just discovered it and can't believe they've finally found a solution to their saving nightmares, has inspired us to start this series of insight stories to share how our application really is impacting people's everyday life for the better.

The first Ovaler who'se story we're going to share is Alexa's.


Based in London, Alexa has been using the app since it's launch in April last year and even chose to support us by investing during our crowdfunding round at the beginning of this year.

1. Give us a brief introduction
I'm Alexa, I live in London and I love to cook and entertain at home.

2. How would you describe your relationship with money?
I have a regular income, tend to save but then blow it with an impulse purchase (hello nice new pair of red heels :) ).

3. What do you find hard about saving?
If I don't put it in an account that's out of reach I tend to spend it.

4. How do you think Oval has been successful for you so far?
Oval Money automates savings for me, in a clever way. The "out of sight, out of mind" approach is a perfect way for me to save without thinking (and it keeps me from spending it on something silly like a new purse).

5. Is there something you are planning to do when you have saved up a good amount of money? Would you consider investing it and, if yes, how so?
I would like to use this money for my next big holiday. I haven't planned it yet, but I want to go to the beach and soak up the sun!

Thank you so much Alexa 💚

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