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It’s mid April, and spring is yet to have sprung in (not so) sunny England. If you are as desperate as we are to go somewhere fabulous for a just a few short days to help forget the rain and the grey of home, then look no further.

Every year the famous Global Backpacker Index is updated to help you realise your dreams in the most cost effective ways possible.

The way it works is the people from Price of Travel collect a group of essential ‘things’ for a trip abroad, and they compare the price (in USD) of these same things across 138 countries in the world. This gives a rough idea of the cheapest and most expensive cities available to you.

For each city they price:

• A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel
• 3 budget meals
• 2 public transportation rides
• 1 paid cultural attraction
• 3 cheap beers (as an “entertainment fund”)

All things, I think we can agree, that are necessary for a good weekend away.
So, step into dreamtime with us and have a look at the top most affordable European cities to have a break in this spring.

1. Kiev, Ukraine

Price in USD: $25.04 p/d (per day)
Local Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia

Although it has been undersung for many years, Kiev is one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful cities; and one of it’s most ancient. With a current population of 2.8 million, the name Kiev is said to come from the name of one of the four founders of the city (a sister and her three brothers).

Attraction: The Kiev Pechersk Lavra is the cave monastery founded in 1051. After a period of emptiness, it is once again an active monastery.
Good Local Brews: Chernihivske

2. Krakow, Poland

Price in USD: $27.68 p/d
Local Currency: Polish Zloty

A hub of history and culture, Kraokow is a city worth seeing. In fact, The University of Krakow was founded in 1364 and is the second oldest university in central Europe.

Attraction: Main Square. Krakow’s main square is an attraction in its own right and is in fact part of a UNESCO world heritage site that encompasses all the historical old town.
Good Local Brews: Lubuski Chmiel

3. Belgrade, Serbia

Price in USD: $28.06 p/d
Local Currency: Serbian dinar

The beautiful city of Belgrade is itself set upon the site of the ancient Roman city of Singidunum built in the 1 century BC. In fact there have been settlements in Belgrade continuously, in one form or another, for over 7000 years. It’s a city with a rich and fascinating history.

Attraction: Belgrade Fortress. It was declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979.
Good Local Brews: Hoptopod IPA


4. Bucharest, Romania

Price in USD: $28.82 p/d
Local Currency: Romanian Leu

We bet you didn’t know that Bucharest’s transit network was the fourth largest in Europe, or that it is famous for dental tourism! (Didn’t even know that was a thing, won’t lie). Additionally, because of its breath-taking French influenced architecture it is also known as the Paris of the Balkans

Attraction: Palace of the Parliament. It’s the largest administrative building in the world! (365,000 sq/m)
Good Local Brews: Ursus

5. Sofia, Bulgaria

Price in USD: $32.15 p/d
Local Currency: Bulgarian Lev

The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia is a thriving hub of people; full of things to do, and see, and eat, and smell. In the centre of the city there is a spa bath built on natural hot springs that has been there since the 16th century. It’s well worth a look!

Attraction: National Art Gallery. Even if ancient works of Bulgarian art aren’t strictly your thing (over 50,000 of them), the building used to be an old palace and is worth visiting just for the stunning architecture
Good Local Brews: Kamenitza

Travel doesn't have to be expensive! Put away some pennies and treat yourself to an adventure this spring.