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There are relatively few subjects left that are truly “taboo”. At least on some level, we are now able to approach and discuss anything, from sex to satire, and not much is off limits.

Money, however, and more specifically debt, still belongs to that murky world of the unspoken. Whilst it is now totally acceptable to discuss taxes, income, house prices, and monthly savings, it is still not quite as easy to talk about struggling to make ends meet and all the physical, emotional, and mental issues that come along with it.

What we’re here to tell you, however, is that if you are in a position where you need financial help, and everything feels like it’s piling up on top of you, it’s important for you to speak up. In fact, it could only be more detrimental to not talk about it.

Keeping things inside affects your mental health

A study by the University of Southampton found that “those in debt were also more likely to suffer from depression, drug dependence and psychosis”, not only that, but the results of the study also drew a correlation between debt and suicide, suggesting that “those who die by suicide are more likely to be in debt”.

This is pretty serious stuff. It is also a clear indicator that people feeling under pressure because of their debt are to be helped, not dismissed. Don’t gamble with your mental health; speak up and ask for help.

Battling debt it hard enough, battling depression or other mental health issues bought on by the realities or living in debt can create a dangerous downward spiral that is hard to pull out from once it gathers momentum.


Not getting help can only make it worse

It sounds obvious, but the great thing about talking about debt, or financial worries, means that steps can be taken to tackle it. Because, as soon as it’s named, it becomes a known quantity that can be planned around and challenged just like everything else.

Think about it. Sitting at home making yourself sick with worry about your unpaid bills will serve no purpose other than exhausting you. On the other hand; a call placed to a friend or family member, or a professional debt advice service like those found here, means that you have taken control of the situation and can take the first steps to making it better. It might be a long journey, and you may need a lot of help, but since the crash of 2007 where the economy of credit came crashing down around their ears, many European governments have put in place a lot of professional and practical advice schemes to help people get back on their feet.

By speaking out you are helping others

Maybe this isn’t your biggest concern whilst you feel you’re swirling around in a vortex of financial entropy, but trust me; it’s a good thing. By speaking out about your experiences of debt you are empowering others to do the same. You are breaking down the barriers of what is and is not a taboo subject in society.

Not only that, but by sharing information about bad loan providers or loan sharks you are protecting others from damaging situations. Additionally, by sharing your experiences of how to get out of debt successfully you will be educating others that need it.

The biggest danger about debt is its silence. Make sure you fight yours with every resource available to you; including your voice.