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Today is Old Stuff Day. Obviously it’s a completely made up holiday with no historical or social context, but it’s a great opportunity to appreciate old fashioned or vintage things, and try to make some new money out of old things.

1. Sell on stuff you don’t use

If there’s stuff you have lying around that you don’t use then consider selling them on. I know it can seem beyond boring and longwinded to spend your evenings boxing stuff up and trooping to the post office, but it’s well worth it. My best friend financed half her honeymoon just by selling her old unwanted things (the other half was financed by a group of the best friends ever, just saying).

If you’re not into the online listing a posting thing, then consider attending an organised car boot sale (just don’t fall into the trap of buying stuff whilst you’re there!) or do things the American way and have a big sale on your front lawn for everyone walking by.

Admittedly things like DVDs or CDs don’t hold much resale value, but you’d be surprised what people will pay for a set of 90s trainers. Best rule of thumb? If you haven’t use or worn something for over a year then you probably don’t need it and it can go. Don’t get sentimental, just do it.

No only is it great to make some cash on things you don’t use anymore, but it feels good to de-clutter.

2. Get potentially precious things valued

Not everyone has a garage of old forgotten things just waiting to be found, but if you do, then make use of it. There’re plenty of things that are either coming back into fashion, meaning people will be ready pay for the original vintage authenticity of them. Alternatively there’s a whole world out there of strange collectibles, and enthusiasts who will spend real cash money on them. Have a rummage around and see if you have anything that could be worth something.

If there’s something you own that you have any doubts about the value of, don’t think twice, get that thing valued before you sell it. You have no idea what you could be sitting on. It’s not expensive to do, and on rare occasions it could make the difference between £10 and £10,000. This story by the Daily Mail is my case and point.

3. Give away to charity

Ok, this isn’t exactly ‘making money’, but it’s undeniably good for the soul. Giving away old clothes or books to charity means that you’re helping out someone in need.

You could also take a little peruse of the local charity shops around you. Again, not making money, but by buying things second hand you’re definitely getting a knocked down price… and that’s not a bad compromise, right?

4. Dress up and reuse

Can’t recommend this enough. As stuff keeps coming back into style you’d be amazed at what parts of your old wardrobe are suddenly fashionable again. Alternatively, you can use old fabrics for a host of different things; cut them up into cleaning cloths, use them as haberdashery fabrics, or repurpose them into new items of clothing. Take a look here for some great ideas.

Vintage is vintage because it doesn’t die. No matter how far ahead society moves, it keeps a hold of the best parts. Keeping that in mind, appreciate all the best of your vintage things this ‘Old Stuff Day’.