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  1. Take a tour of the British museum.
    It’s fun, educational, and won’t cost you penny.

  2. Visit the Tower of London (£21 if you’re an adult, £16.40 if you’re a student)
    It’s a cool piece of history smack bang in the centre of it all

  3. Walk along the Strand
    It runs from Trafalgar to temple Bar and is one of the most famous streets in London. It’s free to stroll along and you can see the houses of historical figures such as George Eliot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Charles Dickens.

  4. Fish and Chips in Spitalfields Market
    There’s been a market on this site for over 350 years, and it does some of the best fish and chips in the business.

  5. Visit St Paul’s Cathedral
    It will set you back £18 but it’s worth price. Sitting on Ludgate Hill, the Highest point in the City of London, it’s a Grade 1 listed building.

  6. Have a drink at the Seven Stars in Holborn
    The Seven Stars is one of only a handful of buildings that survived the Great Fire of London in 1666. It’s worth going to have a look at this little piece of history, and have a pint whilst you’re at it.

  7. Visit London Zoo
    SLIGHTLY over budget at £20.45 it’s worth 45p splurge. London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and has an impressive collection of animals, including birds and reptiles.

  8. Visit the Churchill War Rooms
    It’ll set you back £18,90, but if you’re a history buff then it’s worth a look. It tell the history and life of England’s most famous PM and gives you a glimpse of where it all happened in WWII.

  9. Visit the Royal Observatory
    It’s worth £20 just to stand with one foot on each side of the Prime Meridian, the line where East meets West.

  10. Browse Covent Garden
    An old flower and fruit and veg market, Covent Garden is now the place to go for every visitor to London.

  11. Pop in at Wimbledon
    Have a look at where some of the world’s greatest tennis legends have risen and fallen on the world’s most famous tennis stage.

  12. Wander around Hampton Court
    The ancient palace of the notorious King Henry VIII, this trip is worth it just for the hedge maze in the grounds.

  13. Watch a game of rugby at the Cabbage Patch
    One of the most famous rugby pubs in London, there is always a guaranteed atmosphere at this pub whenever there is a rugby game to be watched on TV. Be a part of it.

  14. Have a curry on Brick Lane
    Another famous landmark in the east end of London, Brick Lane has a rich and interesting history, with some of the best curry in the city.

  15. Tour the Natural History Museum
    Again, totally free, and an experience well worth it.

  16. Go to God’s Own Junkyard
    One of the weirdest museum’s you’ll ever see. It’s a personal collection from neon artist Chris Bracey.

  17. Play a round of Junkyard Golf
    Crazy gold just got better, and crazier. Play a round of one of these great courses and enjoy a bevvie or two on the way.

  18. Have breakfast up the Shard
    With a full English from only £18.50, and all the way on the 31st floor; it’s a meal with a view.

  19. Haunted London Walking Tour
    Not for the faint of heart, but you can get really into the heart and history of London with this guided walking tour around some of the city’s spookiest corners.

  20. Visit Chiselhurst Caves
    A labyrinth of tunnels under London, mined first for chalk, and then used for air raid shelters during the war. One of the city’s ‘must sees’.