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It’s just round the corner! Whether you’re in a couple or not, or into it or not, Valentine’s Day is still an excuse to do something fun and cute and just have a laugh. It doesn’t have to be all red lace and trips to Paris; it can be pizza and beer and the Star Wars Trilogy. It’s up to you.

However, if you’re stuck for ideas (and cash!), here are some of our top cutest tips to make it a win-win day.

1. Cook dinner

Too cute. And too easy. And too cheap, trust us! Everywhere you look there are supermarkets doing couple’s night promotions, or vouchers for a romantic night in. Check out M&S Dine in for 2, or Sainsbury’s special meals. Capitalise on this!

2. Bottle of wine al fresco

It’s not expensive, and it’s a lovely way to spend a bit of time together outside of the usual day to day routine.

3. Clean the house

This one is more for the couples among you. Nothing is more romantic than someone taking the time to really think about you and do the chores they know you hate. Cleaning the house is respecting the space that you share together, and letting your partner know that you appreciate them. It’s the thought that makes this the cutest thing you could do for each other this Valentine’s.

4. Heart shaped EVERYTHING

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s an oldie and a goodie for a reason. If you want to make something Valentine’s Day themed, just figure out a way to put a heart in it, on it, or around it. We’re thinking Valentine’s Day pancakes, heart shaped bacon and egg on toast, heart shaped balloons when you come home from work. You name it, if it’s heart shaped, it’s Valentine’s Day cute.

5. Treasure hunt

So adorbs. And free. The treasure at the end only needs to be something small, like a box of chocolate; it’s the romance of the treasure hunt that’s the real present here. If you aren’t massively creative with rhymes, or have no idea how to write a treasure hunt clue then there are loads of websites that offer tips on how to do it.

Having someone take time out of their day and set you up your own little adventure is possibly one of the cutest things they could do.

6. Rediscover your city

You don’t have to fly away to some new European city to make Valentine’s Day romantic. Instead, choose to rediscover your own city. Walk around an area that you haven’t seen yet, and go to a new bar or restaurant that you haven’t tried before.

7. Brekkie in bed.

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, so breakfast in bed probably isn’t top of the agenda. However, just push it back to Saturday or Sunday and make your SO a lovely luxury breakfast for them to enjoy on their day off. (For ideas see point 4 above).

8. Flowers

It’s no secret that companies hike up the price of roses over this weekend to such a high rate that you could practically take out a new mortgage with the money you spend, but flowers are tried and tested favourites. Roses are not the only flowers out there, and you may find that the price of other blooms hasn’t been hiked up to such a ridiculous extent. Furthermore, try your luck with coupons or vouchers that could give you a good amount of money off your flower order.