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Oval Money is about to embark on its next phase of growth. Following a successful launch in the UK and Italy, where Oval has gained thousands of users and won accolades from the fintech community, we have the plan and the ambition to take our app to the next level.


This plan requires funding. New investment will help us achieve three things.

1. First

We want to hire new team members to ensure we can keep up with our growing user base, providing excellent customer service while also working to attract new users in new markets.

2. Second

We want to continue to develop the artificial intelligence that powers the Oval experience, incorporating the fantastic user feedback we have received to make the app even better at helping users manage their personal finances.

3. Third

We want to build our new marketplace, which will help our users find excellent options to grow their savings. This includes both creating the marketplace interface in the app, but also in expanding our partnerships with leading financial products and services providers to give Oval users one place where they can easily compare and select the best savings accounts, ETFs, and other saving and investment products.

Our plan has been honed in conversation with our advisors and current investors, and over the past few months we have had excellent conversations with private investors and venture capitalists who have pledged new support for Oval Money. We are excited to have this support, but it is only a part of our funding goals.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use crowdfunding to help drive our growth.
There are two reasons why crowdfunding is important to us.

  • First

We want to give our community of users and believers an opportunity to share in Oval’s growth and success. Crowdfunding allows us to expand our group of shareholders to include individuals that can help us think about our app, our business, and our mission. These individuals can succeed alongside us. We have seen how crowdfunding has helped energise a whole range of start-ups, pushing them to be more transparent and more responsive in just about everything they do.

We like the idea of being accountable to a community of crowdfunders.
  • Second

We see crowdfunding as an extension of Oval’s mission to help improve financial literacy. Crowdfunding is an amazing example of how people who are not specialist investors or financial professionals can get involved in the world of investing and #BeMoneyWise. Of course, investing involves risks including the loss of capital. But going through the process of learning about a business, understanding its potential, and evaluating the risks, is an important and illuminating process that everyone should experience. We love how Crowdcube has helped make investing more accessible to a wider community of people, and we are excited about bringing the Oval community along on such a journey.

Our target is to raise £500,000 of additional capital through the Crowdcube platform. But more importantly, we are excited about putting our business plan and our ambitions in front of a wider community of users and potential investors. User feedback is a big part about how the technology companies create winning products. But feedback doesn’t have to be limited to the experience in app. We want to hear from the Crowdcube community exactly what they like about Oval Money’s business model, and what they think could be improved. The process will no doubt help us #BeMoneyWise too!

Oval Money - Crowdfunding Campaign from Oval Money on Vimeo.

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