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1. Have a house party

One word here: BYOB. Throw some of last weeks Christmas tinsel all over the place, buy a few sparklers, and a few family share size bags of crisps and you’ve got yourself a do! Tell everyone to bring their own booze and the most expensive part of the night is all taken care of. New Year’s Eve parties are not meant to be classy and well decorated, they’re meant to be a raucous, tacky, fun filled night.

2. Pre-game before you go out

If you must go out, and you must get a little giggly on NYE, then the cheapest way to do this is to have a few drinks at home before you leave. You can buy booze you like, share it with your friends, and get yourselves into the party spirit before you leave the house. Once you’re out you can just sip water and dance the night away. All the fun and none of the cost.

3. Smuggle in your own

If you live in perpetual fear that your pre-gaming buzz will wear off before midnight, then you can always invest in one of these babies. NOT that we’re condoning this!

4. Make it a local one

Many local pubs or bars have a sweet little NYE party every year. All you have to do is rock up, pay a 2 quid entry fee, and you are free to savour the delights of small town UK. Afterwards you have the added bonus of being home all tucked up in bed in under 20 minutes, instead of stuck on some horrendous night bus for 4 hours, or paying astronomical prices for a hotel room in the city. It really depends what you want from your NYE.

5. Convince your mates to have a party

This is especially diabolical. You get all the great benefits of a party; intimate crowd, time spent with people you like, no long queues for the bar or the toilet, with none of the downsides. You don’t have to worry about your house being ruined, or the clear up the next day, and all it will cost you is a bottle of wine!

6. Attend some free NYE events

If you’re in London there’s a whole host of great bar and club nights you can attend without forking out a fortune. Take a look here. We can’t say that spending once you’re there will exactly constitute as ‘keeping the costs down’, but at least there’s no entry fee!

7. Sleep through the whole thing and wake up fresh on the first day of the year

And here we come to my favourite suggestion. Stay in, fall asleep at 10pm full of cheese and port, and wake up on the 1st without a killer hangover. Do something vaguely productive that day instead, like wash all your socks, or organise the spice rack.