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We’re not naming and shaming here! Everyone does it – leaves it all to the last minute and then panics because Christmas is basically here and you've not bought a single thing.

Personally, I’m the gift card king in my family, but I appreciate that’s not how everyone rolls. We’ve got you a list of quick, cheap, and cheerful, presents for your nearest and dearest all for under a tenner.

1. Personalised Wooden Spoon

This is actually a really cute little present. You can get it for someone in your family that is a culinary genius just as a little thinking of you’ gift. Alternatively, you can do what I did and get it for your brother because his team lost their tournament this year. I got the name of the team printed on the spoon for him to remind him that they’re wooden spooners. Nothing like someone you love rubbing salt in the wound at Christmas.


2. The Very Hungover Caterpillar

I can think of at least 2 or 3 cousins in my family who would get a kick out of this. It’s funny, it’s small, and it arrives before Christmas, people!


3. Initialled Iphone Case

Another great gift from, it’s simple but useful. If you have a cousin or niece of nephew who’s into their electronics, this is a great little personalised mini gift.


4. Knife Sharpener

I don’t know what any of your dad’s are like… but this present will get me serious brownie points with mine. He spends about half of Christmas morning sharpening his knives ready for the turkey eating ceremony.


5. Batman Egg Topper

For any little ones in the family this is an awesome little gift. It at least makes boiled egg breakfasts more interesting.



6. Bacon Wallet

Because why not, quite frankly.


7. Wine Clip Thermometer

For those classy people you know who don’t drink wine straight form the bottle, this is a winner. It gives you the exact temperature of your wine, allowing you to ensure it’s at the optimum temperature for serving.


8. Black and Decker Titanium Drilling and Screwdriver Bit Accessory Set

No jokes, this is actually a super great present for any DIY Gods you may know. A 30-piece set with every kind of screw bit and accessory you can think of. You will ACTUALLY be making someone happy this Christmas with this present.


9. Molton Brown Bodywash

This cute little body wash comes in a Christmas bauble shape to make it extra festive. You can’t really go wrong with nice smelling bath products. Grab this for an aunty or your mum, they’ll love it.


10. Avocado Slicer

If you have a bona fide hipster in the family then this is the gift for them. Don’t hold back from giving true hipster happiness this Christmas.


Most importantly guys, we've chosen all these gifts for you because they will arrive before Christmas day. Enjoy! Plus, remember that for every purchase you make you can use Oval Money to round up the final extra pennies. It's a win win quite frankly!

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