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Christmas is the season for every good thing!! It is also the season that can get a tad expensive. Think presents, food, booze, Christmas jumpers, cards, wrapping paper, and a whole host of other things that mean the costs soon start sprialling.

HOWEVER! Luckily for us, the Internet exists, and it’s a magical portal for millions of geniuses who have invented cost cutting and life altering Christmas Hacks to help you out with the pressures of the festive season.

We’ve found a few of our favourites and are sharing them here with you to help you make some savings this Christmas!

1. Repurpose old Pringle tins to make beautiful festive Christmas cookie boxes!

It's cheap (because let's be honest, we always have Pringle tins around the house!) and it's a sweet way to keep your cookies fresh for the season!

See how here.

2. Buy online

These days most companies run Christmas deals and bargains all the way through the shopping season. Many also slash delivery prices so it’s completely free to get presents delivered. Shop around; it’ll save you precious pounds.


3. Don’t buy new Christmas tree lights, just jazz up an old set with some gold or bronze paint

We're all for upcycling, and this is a great idea to keep on trend this Christmas!

Get more details on how to do this here

4. Make your own gingerbread tree ornaments

Tres rustic chic.

See how here.

5. Give food as gifts

Always a winner. A nice bottle of wine, or some lovely panettone or Christmas cake goes a long way.


6. If you have a chrismas party try making it a ‘potluck’ dinner

Everyone brings something so here’s plenty of food to go around, and plenty of choice. It’s a great, hassle free, relaxing way to celebrate.


7. Use a voucher website

(like to get deals on things you wouldn’t even have considered! Could make for some great surprise presents.

8. What my extended family have done...

... in recent years is buy a present ‘per family’ as opposed to per family member (bear in mind, I have 60 first cousins. Christmas was getting a tad impossible). Sort out with family ahead of time exactly who is getting what and what the budget is.


9. Repurpose old paper for Christmas wrapping paper

It’s cheaper and you will create individual, handmade designs that people will really appreciate. It’s always nice to feel like someone has made that little bit of extra effort for you.

Get the details here

10. Make a candy cane wreath

It’s cheap, festive, and colourful! Plus it looks really cute and Christmassy hanging on the door. What’s not to love?

Take a look

Plus, with every penny you spend this Christmas, OvalMoney will round up the leftovers and pop them all in your oval wallet. You won't have to worry about being broke in January!