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Discover tips and tricks on how to save and invest money by Oval Money

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1. Go trick or treating...

with your younger siblings or cousins or, failing that, your shortest friend.
This way you can get free chocolate and sweets for at least a month. Save save save!


2. In the middle of the night...

go and steal the coolest carved pumpkins off your least favourite neighbour's lawn. This will save you loads on seasonal decorations.


3. When feeding your Halloween party guests serve them...

just empty plates and tell them it’s specially prepared ‘ghost food’.


4. This also works for saving money on alcohol for the party!

Tell everyone to bring a bottle and you will supply the food. Once they arrive, pour yourself a drink and serve up the aforementioned ghost food.


5. When trick or treater’s come to your door...

tell them that in order to get chocolate they need to answer a mathematical equation first. This will really keep down costs on ‘treats’.


6. For your Halloween costume just...

cut two eye holes in your housemate's bed sheet and go as a ghost. It’s a great DIY costume that you don’t have to pay any extra for. It also means you don’t have to shell out on new bed sheets.


7. Alternatively, budget for your party beforehand!

So that you have enough money to put on a great night for everyone to enjoy without going broke, and sweep any leftover pennies straight into your oval wallet. (I’d probably recommend this one to be fair).


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