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There is so much said about saving being important and necessary, but very few people actually address the real issue; it is usually boring, lonely and gives no instant reward! This is why we at Oval Money believe that saving needs to be linked to something special and social. This generates a community aspect to saving, making it accessible to everyone, something that is core to our values.

We therefore decided to create an Oval Money saving Step (to learn more about what Steps are, see here) based on your Facebook activity and, after having tested for a few months, we really like it, so we have opened it to you all to use.
Why does this make sense to us?

What happens on Facebook every day

  • 300 million photos are uploaded per day
  • 20 minutes is the average time visiting Facebook

What happen on facebook every 60 seconds

  • 510,000 comments are posted
  • 293,000 statuses are updated
  • 136,000 photos are uploaded

The Oval Money saving Step allows you to select a fixed amount to save every time you post (this includes, share and upload a photo or status change) that gets transferred weekly into your saving account on Oval.
Think about how cool it is that - while actually "spending" time sharing news, messages and picture memories with your friends and family on the social network - in the background you are also putting some money aside :)


Every comment, status or photo that you upload from now on, once you link Oval Money to Facebook, will be the start of your financial independence. Because putting money aside is extremely important, it allows you to grow this money through safe investing for the future or to have a safety pot for some unexpected expense without the need to resort to expensive short term loans.

So what are you waiting? It takes one minute to connect Oval Money to Facebook through the "FB post" card in the app home page. And then let everyone else know that #SavingIsSocial next time you post. If you share your Oval Money promocode you will be able to gain £5/5€ in your savings account and give the first £5/5€ in savings to your friends (more information here)!

Upload Oval Money and save everytime you post on Facebook!


For any further information about Oval Money please visit our Faq section