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A 2014 poll by Bank of America showed that 58% of millennials are actively saving money each month. Not only that, but 1 in 2 pay their credit cards in full and  53% say they feel they are good at reducing their debt. Clearly, many millennials are more money conscious than they're given credit for.

With that in mind, the millennial generation is clearly one that thrives on savvy savings advice that can help them make the most of their hard earned cash. The following four points offer a few things you should be thinking about in order to make the best financial choices.

Start saving now

It’s important to make savings on a regular basis and the younger you start the more you can save. Even small amounts make a difference. With a money saving app you can automate your savings so you don’t even need to think about it.

Always keep your job in mind

You are more likely to succeed in a job you love, as not only are you more likely to devote more time of it, but you will also feel more invested in your work. In turn, this could lead to faster promotions, a higher salary, or just a happier work life balance. Make sure you take time to find a job you love.

Additionally, when it comes to saving pennies, live as close to your job as possible in order to cut down on commuting costs. Being able to walk or cycle to work will save you hundred, if not thousands, of pounds over the course of a year.

Be ready for you wedding

The average cost of a wedding is now over £30,000. Therefore, the earlier you start saving for it, the less money you will need to beg borrow and steal when the big day finally arrives.

Highly political affairs, weddings can be incredibly stressful and costly. If you are in the throes of planning your own wedding just remember: your wedding, your choices. Only invite those you really love and don’t feel pressured to invite anyone you don’t want there. It’s too expensive to make a mistake.

Your pension matters

Retirement may feel impossibly far away, but the earlier you start contributing to your pension the easier your retirement will be. The rule of thumb is to pay-in half of your age (ie. if you are 26 you should be paying in 13% of your salary). However, if that’s too much for you right now then do the math and pay as much as you can. You can always increase your contributions when you begin earning more money.