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1. Capitalise on those 2-4-1 deals

For most, these deals are on at impractical times, or strange days of the week; like a Wednesday, when most people need to go home/make dinner/pick up the kids, etc.

As a student, however, you live in the magic space outside the 9-5 grind! You, are flexible and can attend any great 2-4-1 food or drinks bargain you wish! So take advantage of it!

Timeout gives a great list of top London happy hours, and the Days Out Guide is a great place to look for vouchers for 2-4-1 food and restaurant deals.

Get to know the deals in your local area and local pubs and cafes too. Whilst it is obviously more cost effective to cook at home, for the times when it is just not feasible to do so, it's a great money saver. It’s really worth it to get wise to deals like this early on in your student life. It will save you so much money over the 3 or 4 years you’re studying.

2. Go and see live music (unsigned bands)

Live music It’s fun, it’s loud, and it’s local. going to see smaller, unsigned bands, means you will have the same great energy and fun filled evening, but at a fraction of the cost. These nights are fun and so much cheaper than paying for big names. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you could even stumble on the next big thing.

Check out the local pubs and clubs in the area around your residence or campus to see who is playing when. It’s a great way to have a fun night out and let your hair down.

3. Learn to love student nights

You may not be the biggest fan of the idea of grimy student clubs, but honestly, it’s part of the experience. Just embrace it. They are tacky, sure, but they’re filled with people who are going through the same experiences as you, and are all your age and peers.

These nights are tailored for students in every way; right down to the prices. They’re the cheapest drinks, entrance fees, and cloakroom covers you will ever pay.

Just go with it. You only have 3 years in which these places are acceptable for you to frequent, so just relax and enjoy!

In a similar vein, student nights throughout most university cities will be set as Tuesday or Wednesday nights; nights where the rest of the population is less likely to be out on the town. Capitalise on these, as the traditional Friday and Saturday nights are far more expensive.

4. Join a club or society

If going out isn’t your thing, then joining one of the many university clubs and societies on offer could be for you. There is usually a one off annual fee, which will vary depending on what activity it is. (ie. Joining the rowing club will be more expensive than joining the chess club as there are higher costs involved with uniforms and boat hire, etc.)

This is a great way to get to know a like-minded group of people and socialise around something you all enjoy. They often organise outings and group dinners, so it’s something you can get really involved with.

5. Embrace the budget magic that are House Parties

The cheapest way to get all your mates together in an environment where you can all hang out, be relaxed, and actually hear each other speak, is to throw a house party! Get all your mates over; they can either being a drink or a dish of food, and it then becomes a really cost effective way to have a great night of fun with your mates! If they bring along other friends that you don’t know then that’s even better – it just widens your social circle even further!