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Re-use and re-vamp, don’t re-buy.

The concept of upcycling has slowly grown from an 'alternative trend', to a full blown movement in its own right. The Internet is full of new and innovative ideas for how to re-use old and tired things in a way which will give them new life.

This is not only great from an environmental point of view (we have created 6.3 BILLION tonnes of plastic since the 1950's!), but it also helps to keep your money in your pocket.

Here are a few great upcycling hacks to help you re-use and repurpose things you have lying around the house, instead of having to pay for something new.

1. The Freecycle Network

If you haven’t already heard about it, then trust us, this site is amazing. It’s a huge online community that literally give away (not sell!) their old or unwanted items. Items range from bed frames and sofas, to dishware and books. Anything you can think of there are people willing to give them away to a new home for free. If you are trying to furnish a new home then this is a great site to check out.

Go online to check out more about it and see the alternatives you have to spending money or dumping old things.

2. Pinterest

It's now practically obligatory to have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest. You can’t see any pinterest boards unless you have an account (accounts are free), so we’d really recommend getting one and seeing what it’s about. Every possible upcycling idea you could imagine is photographed and displayed on this website. It’s incredible.

It’s a great place to find inspiration and ideas from a like-minded community.

3. Upcycle that

This site is pretty much the holy grail of upcycling. It lists everything you could ever possibly think of and how you can use it, make it, or repurpose it. It’s a gold mine for ideas and it easily categorises everything so you can find inspiration for the exact thing you’re looking for.

4. Brit & Co.

Website Brit & Co. have listed a whole host of great easy-to-do upcycle hacks that we recommend you take a peek at.

There are loads of ways the reuse materials and items that you thought were defunct. It really is a great way to save those extra pennies and make things stretch that little bit farther.

And, as you can see from Freecycle, even if you don't fancy getting creative yourself; passing on materials and items to other people is a useful and cost effective way of getting rid of your own old clutter.

And all that money you save from being super creative? Put it safely away in your Oval wallet.